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Update dependency pytest to v7.1.3 (develop)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
pytest (source, changelog) dev-dependencies patch ==7.1.2 -> ==7.1.3

Release Notes



Compare Source

pytest 7.1.3 (2022-08-31)

Bug Fixes

  • #​10060: When running with --pdb, TestCase.tearDown is no longer called for tests when the class has been skipped via unittest.skip or pytest.mark.skip.
  • #​10190: Invalid XML characters in setup or teardown error messages are now properly escaped for JUnit XML reports.
  • #​10230: Ignore .py files created by pyproject.toml-based editable builds introduced in pip 21.3.
  • #​3396: Doctests now respect the --import-mode flag.
  • #​9514: Type-annotate FixtureRequest.param as Any as a stop gap measure until 8073{.interpreted-text role="issue"} is fixed.
  • #​9791: Fixed a path handling code in that seems to work fine, but was incorrect and fails in some systems.
  • #​9917: Fixed string representation for pytest.approx{.interpreted-text role="func"} when used to compare tuples.

Improved Documentation

  • #​9937: Explicit note that tmpdir{.interpreted-text role="fixture"} fixture is discouraged in favour of tmp_path{.interpreted-text role="fixture"}.

Trivial/Internal Changes


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