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Update dependency setuptools to v65 (develop)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
setuptools dependencies major ==63.4.3 -> ==65.0.2

Release Notes



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Misc ^^^^


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Documentation changes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • #​3529: Added clarification to :doc:/userguide/quickstart about support to

Misc ^^^^

  • #​3526: Fix backward compatibility of editable installs and custom build_ext commands inheriting directly from distutils.
  • #​3528: Fixed buid_meta.prepare_metadata_for_build_wheel when given metadata_directory is ".".


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Breaking Changes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • #​3505: Removed 'msvccompiler' and 'msvc9compiler' modules from distutils.
  • #​3521: Remove bdist_msi and bdist_wininst commands, which have been deprecated since Python 3.9. Use older Setuptools for these behaviors if needed.

Documentation changes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • #​3519: Changed the note in keywords documentation regarding editable installations to specify which setuptools version require a minimal file or not.


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Misc ^^^^

  • #​3515: Fixed "inline" file copying for editable installations and optional extensions.
  • #​3517: Fixed editable_wheel to ensure other commands are finalized before using them. This should prevent errors with plugins trying to use different commands or reinitializing them.
  • #​3517: Augmented filter to prevent transient/temporary source files from being considered package_data or data_files.


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Misc ^^^^

  • #​3506: Suppress errors in custom build_py implementations when running editable installs in favor of a warning indicating what is the most appropriate migration path. This is a transitional measure. Errors might be raised in future versions of setuptools.
  • #​3512: Added capability of handling namespace packages created accidentally/purposefully via discovery configuration during editable installs. This should emulate the behaviour of a non-editable installation.


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Misc ^^^^

  • #​3497: Fixed editable_wheel for legacy namespaces.

  • #​3502: Fixed issue with editable install and single module distributions.

  • #​3503: Added filter to ignore external .egg-info files in manifest.

    Some plugins might rely on the fact that the .egg-info directory is produced inside the project dir, which may not be the case in editable installs (the .egg-info directory is produced inside the metadata directory given by the build frontend via PEP 660 hooks).


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Deprecations ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • #​3380: Passing some types of parameters via --global-option to setuptools PEP 517/PEP 660 backend is now considered deprecated. The user can pass the same arbitrary parameter via --build-option (--global-option is now reserved for flags like --verbose or --quiet).

    Both --build-option and --global-option are supported as a transitional effort (a.k.a. "escape hatch"). In the future a proper list of allowed config_settings may be created.

Breaking Changes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • #​3265: Added implementation for editable install hooks (PEP 660).

    By default the users will experience a lenient behavior which prioritises the ability of the users of changing the distributed packages (e.g. adding new files or removing old ones). But they can also opt into a strict mode, which will try to replicate as much as possible the behavior of the package as if it would be normally installed by end users. The strict editable installation is not able to detect if files are added or removed from the project (a new installation is required).

    This implementation might also affect plugins and customizations that assume certain build subcommands don't run during editable installs or that they always copy files to the temporary build directory.

    .. important:: The editable aspect of the editable install supported this implementation is restricted to the Python modules contained in the distributed package. Changes in binary extensions (e.g. C/C++), entry-point definitions, dependencies, metadata, datafiles, etc may require a new installation.

Changes ^^^^^^^

  • #​3380: Improved the handling of the config_settings parameter in both PEP 517 and PEP 660 interfaces:

    • It is possible now to pass both --global-option and --build-option. As discussed in #​1928, arbitrary arguments passed via --global-option should be placed before the name of the setuptools' internal command, while --build-option should come after.

    • Users can pass editable-mode=strict to select a strict behaviour for the editable installation.

  • #​3392: Exposed get_output_mapping() from build_py and build_ext subcommands. This interface is reserved for the use of setuptools Extensions and third part packages are explicitly disallowed to calling it. However, any implementation overwriting build_py or build_ext are required to honour this interface.

  • #​3412: Added ability of collecting source files from custom build sub-commands to sdist. This allows plugins and customization scripts to automatically add required source files in the source distribution.

  • #​3414: Users can temporarily specify an environment variable SETUPTOOLS_ENABLE_FEATURE=legacy-editable as a escape hatch for the :pep:660 behavior. This setting is transitional and may be removed in the future.

  • #​3484: Added transient compat mode to editable installs. This more will be temporarily available (to facilitate the transition period) for those that want to emulate the behavior of the develop command (in terms of what is added to sys.path). This mode is provided "as is", with limited support, and will be removed in future versions of setuptools.

Documentation changes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • #​3414: Updated :doc:Development Mode </userguide/development_mode> to reflect on the implementation of :pep:660.


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