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Draft: Replace direct usage of mutagen with mediafile

interru requested to merge interru/funkwhale:use_mediafile_for_metatags into develop

Currently heavily WIP.

Ping: @JuniorJPDJ because you probably know mediafile. 🙂


  • Need to clean the workarounds/hacks and fixes for mediafile and push to upstream
  • We probably want to adapt the layers between Funkwhale and mediafile. I currently mostly focused on changing Metadata because it was an easy starting point.
  • 9 tests are still failing
Results (33.96s):
     142 passed
       9 failed
         - tests/music/ test_track_metadata_serializer[test.ogg-expected1]
         - tests/music/ test_track_metadata_serializer[test.mp3-expected0]
         - tests/music/ test_track_metadata_serializer[test_theora.ogg-expected3]
         - tests/music/ test_track_metadata_serializer[sample.flac-expected4]
         - tests/music/ test_can_get_metadata_from_ogg_theora_file[musicbrainz_albumid-1f0441ad-e609-446d-b355-809c445773cf]
         - tests/music/ test_can_get_pictures[with_cover.ogg]
         - tests/music/ test_fake_metadata_with_serializer
         - tests/music/ test_can_get_metadata_all
         - tests/music/ test_track_metadata_serializer[test.opus-expected2]

Closes #1671

Further updates probably on Monday.

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