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Sphinx (source, changelog) dependencies minor ==5.0.2 -> ==5.1.0

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  • #​10656: Support Docutils 0.19_. Patch by Adam Turner.

.. _Docutils 0.19: https://docutils.sourceforge.io/RELEASE-NOTES.html#release-0-19-2022-07-05


  • #​10467: Deprecated sphinx.util.stemmer in favour of snowballstemmer. Patch by Adam Turner.
  • #​9856: Deprecated sphinx.ext.napoleon.iterators.

Features added

  • #​10444: html theme: Allow specifying multiple CSS files through the stylesheet setting in theme.conf or by setting html_style to an iterable of strings.
  • #​10366: std domain: Add support for emphasising placeholders in :rst:dir:option directives through a new :confval:option_emphasise_placeholders configuration option.
  • #​10439: std domain: Use the repr of some variables when displaying warnings, making whitespace issues easier to identify.
  • #​10571: quickstart: Reduce content in the generated conf.py file. Patch by Pradyun Gedam.
  • #​10648: LaTeX: CSS-named-alike additional :ref:'sphinxsetup' <latexsphinxsetup> keys allow to configure four separate border-widths, four paddings, four corner radii, a shadow (possibly inset), colours for border, background, shadow for each of the code-block, topic, attention, caution, danger, error and warning directives.
  • #​10655: LaTeX: Explain non-standard encoding in LatinRules.xdy
  • #​10599: HTML Theme: Wrap consecutive footnotes in an <aside> element when using Docutils 0.18 or later, to allow for easier styling. This matches the behaviour introduced in Docutils 0.19. Patch by Adam Turner.
  • #​10518: config: Add include_patterns as the opposite of exclude_patterns. Patch by Adam Turner.

Bugs fixed

  • #​10594: HTML Theme: field term colons are doubled if using Docutils 0.18+
  • #​10596: Build failure if Docutils version is 0.18 (not 0.18.1) due to missing Node.findall()
  • #​10506: LaTeX: build error if highlighting inline code role in figure caption (refs: #​10251)
  • #​10634: Make -P (pdb) option work better with exceptions triggered from events
  • #​10031: py domain: Fix spurious whitespace in unparsing various operators (+, -, ~, and **). Patch by Adam Turner.
  • #​10460: logging: Always show node source locations as absolute paths.
  • HTML Search: HTML tags are displayed as a part of object name
  • HTML Search: search snipets should not be folded
  • HTML Search: Minor errors are emitted on fetching search snipets
  • HTML Search: The markers for header links are shown in the search result
  • #​10520: HTML Theme: Fix use of sidebar classes in agogo.css_t.
  • #​6679: HTML Theme: Fix inclusion of hidden toctrees in the agogo theme.
  • #​10566: HTML Theme: Fix enable_search_shortcuts does not work
  • #​8686: LaTeX: Text can fall out of code-block at end of page and leave artifact on next page
  • #​10633: LaTeX: user injected \color commands in topic or admonition boxes may cause color leaks in PDF due to upstream framed.sty <https://ctan.org/pkg/framed>_ bug
  • #​10638: LaTeX: framed coloured boxes in highlighted code (e.g. highlighted diffs using Pygments style 'manni') inherit thickness of code-block frame
  • #​10647: LaTeX: Only one \label is generated for desc_signature node even if it has multiple node IDs
  • #​10579: i18n: UnboundLocalError is raised on translating raw directive
  • #​9577, #​10088: py domain: Fix warning for duplicate Python references when using :any: and autodoc.
  • #​10548: HTML Search: fix minor summary issues.


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