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Update dependency requests to v2.28.1 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-requests-2.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
requests (source, changelog) dependencies minor ==2.27.1 -> ==2.28.1

Release Notes



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  • Speed optimization in iter_content with transition to yield from. (#​6170)


  • Added support for chardet 5.0.0 (#​6179)
  • Added support for charset-normalizer 2.1.0 (#​6169)


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  • ️ Requests has officially dropped support for Python 2.7. ️ (#​6091)
  • Requests has officially dropped support for Python 3.6 (including pypy3.6). (#​6091)


  • Wrap JSON parsing issues in Request's JSONDecodeError for payloads without an encoding to make json() API consistent. (#​6097)
  • Parse header components consistently, raising an InvalidHeader error in all invalid cases. (#​6154)
  • Added provisional 3.11 support with current beta build. (#​6155)
  • Requests got a makeover and we decided to paint it black. (#​6095)


  • Fixed bug where setting CURL_CA_BUNDLE to an empty string would disable cert verification. All Requests 2.x versions before 2.28.0 are affected. (#​6074)
  • Fixed urllib3 exception leak, wrapping urllib3.exceptions.SSLError with requests.exceptions.SSLError for content and iter_content. (#​6057)
  • Fixed issue where invalid Windows registry entires caused proxy resolution to raise an exception rather than ignoring the entry. (#​6149)
  • Fixed issue where entire payload could be included in the error message for JSONDecodeError. (#​6036)


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