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Update dependency coverage to v6.4.2 (develop)

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This MR contains the following updates:

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coverage dev-dependencies patch ==6.4.1 -> ==6.4.2

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  • Updated for a small change in Python 3.11.0 beta 4: modules now start with a line with line number 0, which is ignored. This line cannnot be executed, so coverage totals were thrown off. This line is now ignored by, but this also means that truly empty modules (like have no lines in them, rather than one phantom line. Fixes issue 1419_.

  • Internal debugging data added to sys.modules is now an actual module, to avoid confusing code that examines everything in sys.modules. Thanks, Yilei Yang (pull 1399_).

.. _pull 1399: .. _issue 1419:

.. _changes_6-4-1:


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