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Update dependency myst-parser to v0.18.0 (develop)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
myst-parser dependencies minor ==0.17.2 -> ==0.18.0

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Full Changelog: v0.17.2...v0.18.0

This release adds support for Sphinx v5 (dropping v3), restructures the code base into modules, and also restructures the documentation, to make it easier for developers/users to follow.

It also introduces document-level configuration via the Markdown top-matter, under the myst key. See the Local configuration section for more information.

Breaking changes

This should not be breaking, for general users of the sphinx extension (with sphinx>3), but will be for anyone directly using the Python API, mainly just requiring changes in import module paths.

The to_docutils, to_html, to_tokens (from myst_parser/ and mock_sphinx_env/parse (from functions have been removed, since these were primarily for internal testing. Instead, for single page builds, users should use the docutils parser API/CLI (see ), and for testing, functionality has been moved to

The top-level html_meta and substitutions top-matter keys have also been deprecated (i.e. they will still work but will emit a warning), as they now form part of the myst config, e.g.


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