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New task checking if remote instance is reachable to avoid playback latence

closes #1711 (closed) This allow to skip tracks that are not playable on the queue. It increase playback continuity.

Radios can have a little latency before skipping tracks from the queryset (like a minute or so)

Some of the migrations are related to a django update since they appears on develop.

  • settings.MUSIC_USE_DENORMALIZATION: in track model

  • Add a test to check if we can reach some outsite server ? (which server to use ? google ? ^^ ) Because if the task is trigerred when there is a local network error, all content will be set as unplayable during one hour.. Or we could trigger this task again when a request is made to library and no result is returned ?

  • Create a bug where some track will throw 404 on uploads ? This seems to be an issue present in develop for specifics tracks. I keep this here as a reminder or if someone wants to check.

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