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Draft: Allowing to follow entire instances / domains

This is ready for review before launching tests on the real internet between devs.

This need API V2

To test :

curl --user y:y -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST "https://node1.funkwhale.test/api/v1/federation/follows/domain" -d '{"target":"node2.funkwhale.test"}'
UUID=$(curl --user y:y -H "Content-Type: application/json" "https://node1.funkwhale.test/api/v1/federation/follows/domain" | jq -r '.results[0].uuid')
curl --user y:y -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X DELETE "https://node1.funkwhale.test/api/v1/federation/follows/domain/$UUID"

part of &7
close #1809

Technical description

I added a new DomainFollow model and the associated views. It store a relation to an actor and a domain. I created activities : when a DomainFollow is created, the actor associated will follow all the public remote libraries. If a DomainFollow is deleted, all the libraryFollow associated with this follow will be deleted. This relation is created thanks to the new context_follow attribute of the LibraryFollow model. If it's set to Domain then the library follow is related to the domaiFollow and its delete with the DomainFollow deletion.

to do :

  • api_serializer.DomainFollowSerializer and federation.DomainFollow
  • api_views.DomainFollowViewSet
  • bulk follow libraries
  • create routes and activities to follow a domain
  • create routes and activities to inform followers when a new library is created
  • delete DomainFollow
  • tests
  • dispatch activities for libraries update to the domain followers, without creating libraries follows in remote host
  • if library is updated from private to public, activity need to be send to domain follow
  • if library is update from public to private, content is still available in remote instance.. (probably not related to this mr)
  • add test to check if remote instance has its api open. If not cancel the domain follow request
  • Filter discovery and domain follows to funkwhale instance only ! (127 fw instances discovered out of 1030 fediverses instances bang bang o/)
  • add test for discover and follow all domain tasks

front ( to do in another mr ? ) :

  • reject / accept domain follow manually ? Actually can be done through mrf policies? Need to be done in the frontend ? post to domainfollow will trigger update_follow. If its not implemented in the front we can delete accpet and reject methods of domainfollow view.
  • Check if update_follow is Triggered when the mrf policies change : new test ?
  • Check the button Domain follow. I only pasted the libray follow button and changed libray to domain ^^'
  • for an actor, if the library is followed after the domain is follow, an error will occur (already folowed) -> Allow the frontend to update the follow to change follow_context from Domain to Library

Questions :

  • "Users could choose a new privacy setting for Libraries: "Share on everyone on this instance, and accept to be shared by the Instance"" do we want this from #762
  • For now every actor can follow a domain : limit to moderators ?
  • implement a domain scan like LibraryScan ? Can be usefull if we do not receive an activity from remote.
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