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Update dependency black to v22.3.0 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-black-22.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
black (changelog) dev-dependencies minor ==22.1.0 -> ==22.3.0

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  • Code cell separators #%% are now standardised to # %% (#​2919)
  • Remove unnecessary parentheses from except statements (#​2939)
  • Remove unnecessary parentheses from tuple unpacking in for loops (#​2945)
  • Avoid magic-trailing-comma in single-element subscripts (#​2942)
  • Do not format __pypackages__ directories by default (#​2836)
  • Add support for specifying stable version with --required-version (#​2832).
  • Avoid crashing when the user has no homedir (#​2814)
  • Avoid crashing when md5 is not available (#​2905)
  • Fix handling of directory junctions on Windows (#​2904)
  • Update pylint config documentation (#​2931)
  • Move test to disable plugin in Vim/Neovim, which speeds up loading (#​2896)
  • In verbose, mode, log when Black is using user-level config (#​2861)
  • Fix Black to work with Click 8.1.0 (#​2966)
  • On Python 3.11 and newer, use the standard library's tomllib instead of tomli (#​2903)
  • black-primer, the deprecated internal devtool, has been removed and copied to a separate repository (#​2924)
  • Black can now parse starred expressions in the target of for and async for statements, e.g for item in *items_1, *items_2: pass (#​2879).


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