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Update dependency Pillow to v9.1.0 (develop) - autoclosed

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-pillow-9.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
Pillow (source, changelog) dependencies minor ==9.0.1 -> ==9.1.0

Release Notes



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  • Add support for multiple component transformation to JPEG2000 #​5500 [scaramallion, radarhere, hugovk]

  • Fix loading FriBiDi on Alpine #​6165 [nulano]

  • Added setting for converting GIF P frames to RGB #​6150 [radarhere]

  • Allow 1 mode images to be inverted #​6034 [radarhere]

  • Raise ValueError when trying to save empty JPEG #​6159 [radarhere]

  • Always save TIFF with contiguous planar configuration #​5973 [radarhere]

  • Connected discontiguous polygon corners #​5980 [radarhere]

  • Ensure Tkinter hook is activated for getimage() #​6032 [radarhere]

  • Use screencapture arguments to crop on macOS #​6152 [radarhere]

  • Do not mark L mode JPEG as 1 bit in PDF #​6151 [radarhere]

  • Added support for reading I;16R TIFF images #​6132 [radarhere]

  • If an error occurs after creating a file, remove the file #​6134 [radarhere]

  • Fixed calling DisplayViewer or XVViewer without a title #​6136 [radarhere]

  • Retain RGBA transparency when saving multiple GIF frames #​6128 [radarhere]

  • Save additional ICO frames with other bit depths if supplied #​6122 [radarhere]

  • Handle EXIF data truncated to just the header #​6124 [radarhere]

  • Added support for reading BMP images with RLE8 compression #​6102 [radarhere]

  • Support Python distributions where _tkinter is compiled in #​6006 [lukegb]

  • Added support for PPM arbitrary maxval #​6119 [radarhere]

  • Added BigTIFF reading #​6097 [radarhere]

  • When converting, clip I;16 to be unsigned, not signed #​6112 [radarhere]

  • Fixed loading L mode GIF with transparency #​6086 [radarhere]

  • Improved handling of PPM header #​5121 [Piolie, radarhere]

  • Reset size when seeking away from "Large Thumbnail" MPO frame #​6101 [radarhere]

  • Replace requirements.txt with extras #​6072 [hugovk, radarhere]

  • Added PyEncoder and support BLP saving #​6069 [radarhere]

  • Handle TGA images with packets that cross scan lines #​6087 [radarhere]

  • Added FITS reading #​6056 [radarhere, hugovk]

  • Added rawmode argument to Image.getpalette() #​6061 [radarhere]

  • Fixed BUFR, GRIB and HDF5 stub saving #​6071 [radarhere]

  • Do not automatically remove temporary ImageShow files on Unix #​6045 [radarhere]

  • Correctly read JPEG compressed BLP images #​4685 [Meithal, radarhere]

  • Merged _MODE_CONV typ into ImageMode as typestr #​6057 [radarhere]

  • Consider palette size when converting and in getpalette() #​6060 [radarhere]

  • Added enums #​5954 [radarhere]

  • Ensure image is opaque after converting P to PA with RGB palette #​6052 [radarhere]

  • Attach RGBA palettes from putpalette() when suitable #​6054 [radarhere]

  • Added get_photoshop_blocks() to parse Photoshop TIFF tag #​6030 [radarhere]

  • Drop excess values in BITSPERSAMPLE #​6041 [mikhail-iurkov]

  • Added unpacker from RGBA;15 to RGB #​6031 [radarhere]

  • Enable arm64 for MSVC on Windows #​5811 [gaborkertesz-linaro, gaborkertesz]

  • Keep IPython/Jupyter text/plain output stable #​5891 [shamrin, radarhere]

  • Raise an error when performing a negative crop #​5972 [radarhere, hugovk]

  • Deprecated show_file "file" argument in favour of "path" #​5959 [radarhere]

  • Fixed SPIDER images for use with Bio-formats library #​5956 [radarhere]

  • Ensure duplicated file pointer is closed #​5946 [radarhere]

  • Added specific error if path coordinate type is incorrect #​5942 [radarhere]

  • Return an empty bytestring from tobytes() for an empty image #​5938 [radarhere]

  • Remove readonly from Image.eq #​5930 [hugovk]


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