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Update dependency sass to v1.49.11 (develop)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
sass dependencies patch 1.49.9 -> 1.49.11

Release Notes



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  • Add support for 64-bit ARM releases on Linux.
Embedded Sass
  • The embedded compiler now correctly sets the id field for all OutboundMessages.


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  • Quiet deps mode now silences compiler warnings in mixins and functions that are defined in dependencies even if they're invoked from application stylesheets.

  • In expanded mode, Sass will now emit colors using rgb(), rbga(), hsl(), and hsla() function notation if they were defined using the corresponding notation. As per our browser support policy, this change was only done once 95% of browsers were confirmed to support this output format, and so is not considered a breaking change.

    Note that this output format is intended for human readability and not for interoperability with other tools. As always, Sass targets the CSS specification, and any tool that consumes Sass's output should parse all colors that are supported by the CSS spec.

  • Fix a bug in which a color written using the four- or eight-digit hex format could be emitted as a hex color rather than a format with higher browser compatibility.

  • Calculations are no longer simplified within supports declarations


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