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Update dependency setuptools to v61 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-setuptools-61.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
setuptools dependencies major ==60.10.0 -> ==61.3.1

Release Notes



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Misc ^^^^

  • #​3233: Included missing test file setupcfg_examples.txt in sdist.
  • #​3233: Added script that allows developers to download setupcfg_examples.txt prior to running tests. By caching these files it should be possible to run the test suite offline.


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Changes ^^^^^^^

  • #​3229: Disabled automatic download of trove-classifiers to facilitate reproducibility.

Misc ^^^^

  • #​3229: Updated pyproject.toml validation via validate-pyproject v0.7.1.
  • #​3229: New internal tool made available for updating the code responsible for the validation of pyproject.toml. This tool can be executed via tox -e generate-validation-code.


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Changes ^^^^^^^

  • #​3215: Ignored a subgroup of invalid pyproject.toml files that use the [project] table to specify only requires-python (transitional).

    .. warning:: Please note that future releases of setuptools will halt the build process if a pyproject.toml file that does not match doc:the PyPA Specification <PyPUG:specifications/declaring-project-metadata> is given.

  • #​3215: Updated pyproject.toml validation, as generated by validate-pyproject==0.6.1.

  • #​3218: Prevented builds from erroring if the project specifies metadata via pyproject.toml, but uses other files (e.g. to complement it, without setting dynamic properly.

    .. important:: This is a transitional behaviour. Future releases of setuptools may simply ignore externally set metadata not backed by dynamic or even halt the build with an error.

  • #​3224: Merge changes from pypa/distutils@e1d5c9b

Documentation changes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • #​3217: Fixed typo in pyproject.toml example in Quickstart -- by :user:pablo-cardenas.

Misc ^^^^

  • #​3223: Fixed missing requirements with environment markers when optional-dependencies is set in pyproject.toml.


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Misc ^^^^

  • #​3212: Fixed missing dependencies when running install. Note that calling install directly is still deprecated and will be removed in future versions of setuptools. Please check the release notes for :ref:setup_install_deprecation_note.


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Deprecations ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • #​3206: Changed setuptools.convert_path to an internal function that is not exposed as part of setuptools API. Future releases of setuptools are likely to remove this function.

Changes ^^^^^^^

  • #​3202: Changed behaviour of auto-discovery to not explicitly expand package_dir for flat-layouts and to not use relative paths starting with ./.

  • #​3203: Prevented pyproject.toml parsing from overwriting dist.include_package_data explicitly set in with default value.

  • #​3208: Added a warning for non existing files listed with the file directive in setup.cfg and pyproject.toml.

  • #​3208: Added a default value for dynamic classifiers in pyproject.toml when files are missing and errors being ignored.

  • #​3211: Disabled auto-discovery when distribution class has a configuration attribute (e.g. when the script contains setup(..., configuration=...)). This is done to ensure extension-only packages created with numpy.distutils.misc_util.Configuration are not broken by the safe guard behaviour to avoid accidental multiple top-level packages in a flat-layout.

    .. note:: Users that don't set packages, py_modules, or configuration are still likely to observe the auto-discovery behavior, which may halt the build if the project contains multiple directories and/or multiple Python files directly under the project root.

    To disable auto-discovery please explicitly set either packages or py_modules. Alternatively you can also configure :ref:custom-discovery.


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Deprecations ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • #​3068: Deprecated setuptools.config.read_configuration, setuptools.config.parse_configuration and other functions or classes from setuptools.config.

    Users that still need to parse and process configuration from setup.cfg can import a direct replacement from setuptools.config.setupcfg, however this module is transitional and might be removed in the future (the setup.cfg configuration format itself is likely to be deprecated in the future).

Breaking Changes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • #​2894: If you purposefully want to create an "empty distribution", please be aware that some Python files (or general folders) might be automatically detected and included.

    Projects that currently don't specify both packages and py_modules in their configuration and contain extra folders or Python files (not meant for distribution), might see these files being included in the wheel archive or even experience the build to fail.

    You can check details about the automatic discovery (and how to configure a different behaviour) in :doc:/userguide/package_discovery.

  • #​3067: If the file pyproject.toml exists and it includes project metadata/config (via [project] table or [tool.setuptools]), a series of new behaviors that are not backward compatible may take place:

    • The default value of include_package_data will be considered to be True.
    • Setuptools will attempt to validate the pyproject.toml file according to PEP 621 specification.
    • The values specified in pyproject.toml will take precedence over those specified in setup.cfg or

Changes ^^^^^^^

  • #​2887: [EXPERIMENTAL] Added automatic discovery for py_modules and packages -- by :user:abravalheri.

    Setuptools will try to find these values assuming that the package uses either the src-layout (a src directory containing all the packages or modules), the flat-layout (package directories directly under the project root), or the single-module approach (an isolated Python file, directly under the project root).

    The automatic discovery will also respect layouts that are explicitly configured using the package_dir option.

    For backward-compatibility, this behavior will be observed only if both py_modules and packages are not set. (Note: specifying ext_modules might also prevent auto-discover from taking place)

    If setuptools detects modules or packages that are not supposed to be in the distribution, please manually set py_modules and packages in your setup.cfg or file. If you are using a flat-layout, you can also consider switching to src-layout.

  • #​2887: [EXPERIMENTAL] Added automatic configuration for the name metadata -- by :user:abravalheri.

    Setuptools will adopt the name of the top-level package (or module in the case of single-module distributions), only when name is not explicitly provided.

    Please note that it is not possible to automatically derive a single name when the distribution consists of multiple top-level packages or modules.

  • #​3066: Added vendored dependencies for :pypi:tomli, :pypi:validate-pyproject.

    These dependencies are used to read pyproject.toml files and validate them.

  • #​3067: [EXPERIMENTAL] When using pyproject.toml metadata, the default value of include_package_data is changed to True.

  • #​3068: [EXPERIMENTAL] Add support for pyproject.toml configuration (as introduced by :pep:621). Configuration parameters not covered by standards are handled in the [tool.setuptools] sub-table.

    In the future, existing setup.cfg configuration may be automatically converted into the pyproject.toml equivalent before taking effect (as proposed in #​1688). Meanwhile users can use automated tools like :pypi:ini2toml to help in the transition.

    Please note that the legacy backend is not guaranteed to work with pyproject.toml configuration.

    -- by :user:abravalheri

  • #​3125: Implicit namespaces (as introduced in :pep:420) are now considered by default during :doc:package discovery </userguide/package_discovery>, when setuptools configuration and project metadata are added to the pyproject.toml file.

    To disable this behaviour, use namespaces = False when explicitly setting the [tool.setuptools.packages.find] section in pyproject.toml.

    This change is backwards compatible and does not affect the behaviour of configuration done in setup.cfg or

  • #​3152: [EXPERIMENTAL] Added support for attr: and cmdclass configurations in setup.cfg and pyproject.toml when package_dir is implicitly found via auto-discovery.

  • #​3178: Postponed importing ctypes when hiding files on Windows. This helps to prevent errors in systems that might not have libffi installed.

  • #​3179: Merge with pypa/distutils@267dbd2

Documentation changes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • #​3172: Added initial documentation about configuring setuptools via pyproject.toml (using standard project metadata).

Misc ^^^^

  • #​3065: Refactored setuptools.config by separating configuration parsing (specific to the configuration file format, e.g. setup.cfg) and post-processing (which includes directives such as file: that can be used across different configuration formats).


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