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Update dependency drf-spectacular to v0.22.0 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-drf-spectacular-0.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
drf-spectacular dev-dependencies minor ==0.21.2 -> ==0.22.0

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • Added detype_patterns() with @cache. [Nick Pope]
  • add "externalDocs" to operation via extend_schema #&#8203;681 <>_
  • warn on invalid components names #&#8203;685 <>_
  • wrap examples in list/pagination when serializer is many=True #&#8203;641 <>_ #&#8203;640 <>_ #&#8203;595 <>_
  • python's and django's float is really "double precision" #&#8203;674 <>_
  • Support negative numbers in pattern regex for coerced decimal fields [Mike Hansen]
  • add OpenAPI callback operations #&#8203;665 <>_
  • Keep the urlpatterns in the apiview and pass it to the generator [Jorge Cardona]
  • django-filter: raise priority of explicitly given filter method type hints #&#8203;660 <>_
  • also allow @​extend_schema_field on django-filter filter method #&#8203;660 <>_
  • accommodate pyright limitations #&#8203;657 <>_
  • fix doc extraction for built-in types #&#8203;654 <>_
  • use get_doc for description [Josh Ferge]
  • add more information to resolved TypedDicts [Josh Ferge]
  • fix url escaping bug introduced in #&#8203;556 <>_ (#&#8203;650 <>_)
  • pass through version from UI to schema endpoint #&#8203;650 <>_
  • factor out schema_url generation #&#8203;650 <>_
  • relax AcceptHeaderVersioning contraint for modification #&#8203;650 <>_
  • Enable the use of lists in extend_schema_view() [François Travais]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • This is a y-stream release with a lot of bugfixes, some new features and potentially small schema changes (if affected features are used).
  • Examples are now wrapped in pagination/lists when endpoint/serializer is many=True
  • django-filter had some internal restructuring and thus overrides are now always honored.
  • added callback functionality (EXPERIMENTAL and subject to change due to pending issue)
  • Many thanks to all the contributors!


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