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Update dependency setuptools to v60.10.0 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-setuptools-60.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
setuptools dependencies minor ==60.9.3 -> ==60.10.0

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Changes ^^^^^^^

  • #​2971: Deprecated upload_docs command, to be removed in the future.
  • #​3137: Use samefile from stdlib, supported on Windows since Python 3.2.
  • #​3170: Adopt nspektr (vendored) to implement Distribution._install_dependencies.

Documentation changes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • #​3144: Added documentation on using console_scripts from, which was previously only shown in setup.cfg -- by :user:xhlulu
  • #​3148: Added clarifications about, that include links to PyPUG docs and more prominent mentions to using a revision control system plugin as an alternative.
  • #​3148: Removed mention to pkg_resources as the recommended way of accessing data files, in favour of :doc:importlib.resources. Additionally more emphasis was put on the fact that package data files reside inside the package directory (and therefore should be read-only).

Misc ^^^^

  • #​3120: Added workaround for intermittent failures of backend tests on PyPy. These tests now are marked with XFAIL <>_, instead of erroring out directly.
  • #​3124: Improved configuration for :pypi:rst-linker (extension used to build the changelog).
  • #​3133: Enhanced isolation of tests using virtual environments - PYTHONPATH is not leaking to spawned subprocesses -- by :user:befeleme
  • #​3147: Added options to provide a pre-built setuptools wheel or sdist for being used during tests with virtual environments. Paths for these pre-built distribution files can now be set via the environment variables: MRE_BUILT_SETUPTOOLS_SDIST and MRE_BUILT_SETUPTOOLS_WHEEL.


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