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Update dependency boto3 to v1.21.20 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-boto3-1.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
boto3 dependencies patch ==1.21.19 -> ==1.21.20

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  • api-change:robomaker: [botocore] This release deprecates ROS, Ubuntu and Gazbeo from RoboMaker Simulation Service Software Suites in favor of user-supplied containers and Relaxed Software Suites.
  • api-change:dataexchange: [botocore] This feature enables data providers to use the RevokeRevision operation to revoke subscriber access to a given revision. Subscribers are unable to interact with assets within a revoked revision.
  • api-change:ec2: [botocore] Adds the Cascade parameter to the DeleteIpam API. Customers can use this parameter to automatically delete their IPAM, including non-default scopes, pools, cidrs, and allocations. There mustn't be any pools provisioned in the default public scope to use this parameter.
  • api-change:cognito-idp: [botocore] Updated EmailConfigurationType and SmsConfigurationType to reflect that you can now choose Amazon SES and Amazon SNS resources in the same Region.
  • enhancement:AWSCRT: [botocore] Upgrade awscrt extra to 0.13.5
  • api-change:location: [botocore] New HERE style "VectorHereExplore" and "VectorHereExploreTruck".
  • api-change:ecs: [botocore] Documentation only update to address tickets
  • api-change:keyspaces: [botocore] Fixing formatting issues in CLI and SDK documentation
  • api-change:rds: [botocore] Various documentation improvements


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