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Update dependency sinon to v13 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-sinon-13.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
sinon (source) devDependencies major 6.3.5 -> 13.0.1

Release Notes



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  • ec4223f9 Bump nise to fix sinonjs/nise#​193 (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • f329a010 Add unimported to workflow (#​2441) (Morgan Roderick)
  • 7f16cec9 Enable updates to same major version (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • f784d7ad Re-introduce new script to version hook (Joel Bradshaw)

    This was inadvertently removed during merge conflicts, and is required for any of the new release process stuff to work

  • 51c508ab Add dry run mode to npm version (#​2436) (Joel Bradshaw)
    • Add DRY_RUN flag to skip publish/push

    • Allow overriding branch names for testing

  • 05341dcf Update npm version scripts to manage new releases branch (Joel Bradshaw)
  • fe658261 Remove release archives from master (Joel Bradshaw)

    These archives made it difficult to find things in the GitHub interface, and take up a lot of space in a checked-out repo for something that is not useful to most people checking out the repository.

    The main purpose of these archives is to make old versions and documentation available on the Sinon website that is run out of this repo. This can be supported by using a separate branch for website releases, and to maintain the archives.

    Following this commit, the npm version scripts will be updated to automatically handle archiving the releases in the new releases branch and keeping it up to date with master.

    Also remove the directories we removed from .prettierignore, since they don't exist any more.

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2022-02-01.


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  • cf3d6c0c Upgrade packages (#​2431) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
    • Update all @​sinonjs/ packages

    • Upgrade to fake-timers 9

    • chore: ensure always using latest LTS release

  • 41710467 Adjust deploy scripts to archive old releases in a separate branch, move existing releases out of master (#​2426) (Joel Bradshaw)

    Co-authored-by: Carl-Erik Kopseng

  • c80a7266 Bump node-fetch from 2.6.1 to 2.6.7 (#​2430) (dependabot[bot])

    Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]@​>

  • a00f14a9 Add explicit export for ./* (#​2413) (なつき)
  • b82ca7ad Bump cached-path-relative from 1.0.2 to 1.1.0 (#​2428) (dependabot[bot])
  • a9ea1427 Add documentation for assert.calledOnceWithMatch (#​2424) (Mathias Schreck)
  • 1d5ab86b Be more general in stripping off stack frames to fix Firefox tests (#​2425) (Joel Bradshaw)
  • 56b06129 Check call count type (#​2410) (Joel Bradshaw)
  • 7863e2df Fix #​2414: make Sinon available on homepage (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • fabaabdd Bump nokogiri from 1.11.4 to 1.13.1 (#​2423) (dependabot[bot])
  • dbc0fbd2 Bump shelljs from 0.8.4 to 0.8.5 (#​2422) (dependabot[bot])
  • fb8b3d72 Run Prettier (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • 12a45939 Fix 2377: Throw error when trying to stub non-configurable or non-writable properties (#​2417) (Stuart Dotson)

    Fixes issue #​2377 by throwing an error when trying to stub non-configurable or non-writable properties

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2022-01-28.


Compare Source

  • 3f598221 Fix issue with npm unlink for npm version > 6 (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • 51417a38 Fix bundling of cjs module (#​2412) (Julian Grinblat)

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2021-11-04.


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  • b20ef9e4 Upgrade to fake-timers@8 (Carl-Erik Kopseng). This is potentially breaking, but should not be, as the breaking change deals with the Node timer object created by fake timers.
  • eba42cc3 Enable esm named exports (#​2382) (Julian Grinblat)
  • b0cf5448 Spelling (#​2398) (Josh Soref)
  • e78a6706 Make calledWith() assertions idempotent (#​2407) (Joel Bradshaw)
  • 2814c0a2 Generate using @​studio/changes (Morgan Roderick)

    This will bring us closer to having the same release process as the other @sinonjs packages.

  • 2d5d6ad4 Run tests in Node 16 in GitHub Actions (Morgan Roderick)

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2021-11-03.


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Compare Source

  • Fix #​2379 by using v7 of supports-color


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  • Add sinon.promise() implementation (#​2369)
  • Set wrappedMethod on getters/setters (#​2378)
  • [Docs] Update fake-server usage & descriptions (#​2365)
  • Fake docs improvement (#​2360)
  • Update nise to 5.1.0 (fixed #​2318)


Compare Source

  • Explicitly use samsam 6.0.2 with fix for #​2345
  • Update most packages (#​2371)
  • Update compatibility docs (#​2366)
  • Update packages (includes breaking fake-timers change, see #​2352)
  • Warn of potential memory leaks (#​2357)
  • Fix clock test errors


Compare Source

  • Upgrade sinon components (bumps y18n to 4.0.1)
  • Bump y18n from 4.0.0 to 4.0.1


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Compare Source


Compare Source


Compare Source


Compare Source

  • Fix #​2203: skip writing 'name' property if not writable (#​2304)
  • Update error message on assert when representation of expected and actual value is equal, fixing issue #​2084 (#​2303)
  • Make sandboxes each use their own assert object (#​2302)
  • Add usingPromise() method on fakes to fix issue #​2293 (#​2301)


Compare Source

  • Update dependencies (#​2299)
  • Update sandbox docs with missing comma
  • Add minor markdown formatting to release docs for sandbox
  • Minor formatting improvements to legacy sandbox documentation


Compare Source

  • Add a calledOnceWithMatch assertion (#​2294)


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Compare Source


Compare Source

  • Fix #​2226: restore props defined on prototype chain by deleting


Compare Source

  • Ignore errors on thisValue property accesses (#​2216)
  • Add firstArg to spy calls and fakes. (#​2150)
  • Drop Node 8 support


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  • Support negative indices in getCall (#​2199)


Compare Source

  • Remove misleading 'own' from exception message


Compare Source

  • Move .printf to proxy


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  • Force upgrade @​sinonjs/commons (#​2181)
  • Update docs/ and set new release id in docs/_config.yml
  • Add release documentation for v8.0.0


Compare Source

The major release is caused by removing old mistakes and upgrading dependencies that themselves have had new major releases.


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  • Add sinon.assert.calledOnceWithExactly
  • Feature parity: support spying all methods on an object


Compare Source

  • Restore sinon.createStubInstance() behaviour (#​2073)
  • Fix Typo in migration 6 and updated migration docs for migration from… (#​2074)


Compare Source

  • Update nise and lolex (minor versions)
  • add callThroughWithNew method
  • add browser field
  • Create (#​2051)
  • Fix sinon.resetHistory() does not reset history (#​2022)


Compare Source


Compare Source


Compare Source

  • Simplify Circle CI setup
  • Add a Docker Compose config file for testing the setup locally
  • Inject createStubInstance and fake functionality
  • Remove unused prop 'injectIntoThis'
  • Fix #​1974 by upgrading to @​sinonjs/samsam@​3.3.0


Compare Source

  • Retain spy function names and fix spy.named(name) (#​1987)
  • Document spying on accessors (#​1976)


Compare Source


Compare Source

  • don't call extends.nonEnum in spy.resetHistory (#​1984)


Compare Source

  • minor package updates
  • Update eslint-plugin-mocha
  • Fix high prio audit warnings
  • Update nise to use @​sinonjs/text-encoding
  • Make all properties non-enumerable in spies, stubs, mocks and fakes
  • docs(sandbox): add example for default sandbox


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Compare Source

  • Fix mock.withArgs using matchers (#​1961)


Compare Source


Compare Source

  • Upgrade to samsam 3 (#​1955)
  • Rename to


Compare Source

  • Make the spy functions non enumerable so that printing it is more concise (#​1936)


Compare Source

  • Issue #​1852: Add a way to pass a global context to lolex when calling useFakeTimers
  • Get latest 'nise' patch


Compare Source

  • Update to Lolex 3: no negative ticks allowed


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