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Update dependency asgiref to v3.5.0 (develop)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
asgiref (changelog) dependencies minor 3.3.4 -> ==3.5.0

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  • Python 3.6 is no longer supported, and asyncio calls have been changed to use only the modern versions of the APIs as a result

  • Several causes of RuntimeErrors in cases where an event loop was assigned to a thread but not running

  • Speed improvements in the Local class


  • Fixed an issue with the deadlock detection where it had false positives during exception handling.


  • Calling sync_to_async directly from inside itself (which causes a deadlock when in the default, thread-sensitive mode) now has deadlock detection.

  • asyncio usage has been updated to use the new versions of get_event_loop, ensure_future, wait and gather, avoiding deprecation warnings in Python 3.10. Python 3.6 installs continue to use the old versions; this is only for 3.7+

  • sync_to_async and async_to_sync now have improved type hints that pass through the underlying function type correctly.

  • All Websocket* types are now spelled WebSocket, to match our specs and the official spelling. The old names will work until release 3.5.0, but will raise deprecation warnings.

  • The typing for WebSocketScope and HTTPScope's extensions key has been fixed.


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