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Added a Maloja plugin to submit listenings

Philipp Wolfer requested to merge phw/funkwhale:maloja-listens-plugin into develop

This adds a plugin to submit listenings to Maloja, which is kind of a personal, self-hosted, single user scrobbler service.

Given the Funkwhale community in general seems to quite embrace self-hosting this might be a good fit for many.

It is already possible to submit to your Maloja instance with the existing scrobbler plugin by configuring the proper endpoint using the legacy audioscrobbler API. But this plugin adds support for the native Maloja API. Also I think it is nice to keep this service separate, so users who want to submit to more than one service can do this. The plugin itself is, just like the Maloja API, rather trivial.

When enabling this service the user needs to configure two things:

  • The base URL for their Maloja instance. E.g. I have Maloja currently running on
  • The personal API key which can be configured on the server

Should we for some reason decide not to merge this as a core plugin or if someone wants to use this now already with their stable release of Funkwhale, I have made this plugin also available at

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