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Profile menu redesign

Ciarán Ainsworth requested to merge profile-menu-redesign into develop

Related to #1235 (closed) Closes #1242 (closed)

Currently, user actions are split between the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and the footer. The footer in particular is a problem as it is inaccessible to mobile users without a lot of scrolling, and its behaviour on desktop isn't quite as expected (see #1242 (closed)). This MR looks to remove the footer entirely while migrating its functionality elsewhere.


  • Replace footer actions with a dropdown user menu
  • Create a modal menu for mobile users
  • Remove footer
  • Linting
  • Close Modal on mobile if a menu entry is clicked
  • Add instance switcher again
  • Deduplicate themes, we have them in UserModal, UserMenu and Sidebar
  • the currently selected option should appear directly in the modal
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