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NGI0 - Updating licensing aspects according REUSE

Lina Ceballos requested to merge lnceballosz/funkwhale:develop into develop


We have been working within the NGI0 framework, helping projects with their licensing and copyright management. After a quick check on your repository, I would like to propose some updates regarding copyright and licensing information. REUSE specifications intend to make licensing easier by setting one way to display all this legal information through comment headers on source files that can be human - and machine – readable.

The REUSE tool makes the process of applying licenses to files and compliance checking much easier. Check this screencast:

Feel completely free to adopt these specifications by merging this pull request.

REUSE Features:

  • SPDX copyright and license comment headers for all relevant files (please be aware that I added headers only to the files in the directory front/src/components, to serve as example)

  • LICENSES directory in the root of the project with the license used on the repository (Please notice that I added the AGPLv3 text. Following the information in the LICENSE file in the directory front/src/assets/logo, and since the logo, the favicon and its derivatives are under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license, I added this text to the LICENSES directory as well.)

  • Creating license file for image files (I created the license files for the image files in the front/src/assets/logo directory)

Files missing copyright and licensing information:

I added the comment headers with copyright and license information to all the copyrightable files in the directory front/src/components. Please also double check if the personal information in the headers is correct and consistent, in the case of several copyright holders please update that information in the headers.

I provided a more detailed licensing information to README file as well.

I also notice that due to the size of the project the copyright management of the project is a little bit complex, that is why I added in the headers "Funkwhale contributors" as the copyright holder. For this, I would recommend you to get a Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) as part of your contribution policy, you can learn more in our following documentation.

Further REUSE compliance

In case you find REUSE useful, we offer a wide range of tools to help you to continuously check and display compliance with the REUSE guidelines.

Hope that helps and thank you very much for the amazing job!

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