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Remove manual entry of Import Reference on front-end import (#1284)

jovuit requested to merge jovuit/funkwhale:upload_front into develop

Closes #1284 (closed)

  • Manual entry of Import Reference is removed, it is kept though in the URL (and editable)
  • Tab "Summary" is removed as it is not needed anymore, the import from server option is moved to the tab "Uploading", where it actually belongs
  • Regarding the import from server option, it was unnice, as the Result section was disappearing while a new import was started/pending. I solved this with 131273b0, not sure though if it is the right way to do so, but now it seems to work and it's nicer that way I guess. Let me know if there is a way to fix this properly...
  • Changelog fragment added

New upload interface: image

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