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See #170: subscribe to 3d-party RSS feeds in Funkwhale

Agate requested to merge 170-rss-subscribe into develop

See #170 (closed):

  • Channel has a random actor
  • Library is private
  • Disable RSS feed for external channels
  • Subscribe by RSS feed on existing Funkwhale channel
  • We use the channel UUID in the url (since actor is random, and we don't expose the actor at all in the API results)
  • Channel is unreachable if not subscribed to
  • Subscribing checks if the channel has valid XML / entries
  • Hide channel actors attributed to service_actor
  • Hide channel actor from channel response if it's service actor
  • Include alternate link to activity+json actor, to avoid having duplicate actors / rss feeds
  • Tasks and settings to refetch feeds periodically
  • Update denormalization for created uploads
  • Honor domain block when fetching RSS feed
  • Search bar/page to subscribe to feed
  • Test with a Funkwhale emitted feed


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