Unverified Commit b05e9ca0 authored by Agate's avatar Agate 💬

Fixed embedded player layout issue for tracks with no albums

parent f5a34685
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......@@ -103,8 +103,8 @@
<td class="title" :title="track.title" ><div colspan="2" class="ellipsis">{{ track.title }}</div></td>
<td class="artist" :title="track.artist.name" ><div class="ellipsis">{{ track.artist.name }}</div></td>
<td class="album" v-if="track.album">
<div class="ellipsis " v-if="track.album" :title="track.album.title">{{ track.album.title }}</div>
<td class="album">
<div class="ellipsis" v-if="track.album" :title="track.album.title">{{ track.album.title }}</div>
<td width="50">{{ time.durationFormatted(track.sources[0].duration) }}</td>
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