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chore(deps): update dependency babel to v2.13.1

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
Babel (source) dependencies minor 2.12.1 -> 2.13.1


Some dependencies could not be looked up. Check the warning logs for more information.

Release Notes

python-babel/babel (Babel)


Compare Source

This is a patch release to fix a few bugs.


* Fix a typo in ``_locales_to_names`` by @​Dl84 in :gh:`1038` (issue :gh:`1037`)
* Fix ``setuptools`` dependency for Python 3.12 by @​opryprin in :gh:`1033`


Compare Source

Upcoming deprecation

* This version, Babel 2.13, is the last version of Babel to support Python 3.7.
  Babel 2.14 will require Python 3.8 or newer.


* Add flag to ignore POT-Creation-Date for updates by @​joeportela in :gh:`999`
* Support 't' specifier in keywords by @​jeanas in :gh:`1015`
* Add f-string parsing for Python 3.12 (PEP 701) by @​encukou in :gh:`1027`


* Various typing-related fixes by @​akx in :gh:`979`, in :gh:`978`, :gh:`981`,  :gh:`983`
* babel.messages.catalog: deduplicate _to_fuzzy_match_key logic by @​akx in :gh:`980`
* Freeze format_time() tests to a specific date to fix test failures by @​mgorny in :gh:`998`
* Spelling and grammar fixes by @​scop in :gh:`1008`
* Renovate lint tools by @​akx in :gh:`1017`, :gh:`1028`
* Use SPDX license identifier by @​vargenau in :gh:`994`
* Use aware UTC datetimes internally by @​scop in :gh:`1009`

New Contributors

* @​mgorny made their first contribution in :gh:`998`
* @​vargenau made their first contribution in :gh:`994`
* @​joeportela made their first contribution in :gh:`999`
* @​encukou made their first contribution in :gh:`1027`


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