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chore(deps): update dependency pyld to v2

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pyld dev major <2 -> <3


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Release Notes

digitalbazaar/pyld (pyld)


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  • Fix deprecation warnings due to invalid escape sequences.


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  • Fix inverse context cache indexing to use the uuid field.


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  • Improve EARL output.


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  • This release adds JSON-LD 1.1 support. Significant thanks goes to Gregg Kellogg!
  • BREAKING: It is highly recommended to do proper testing when upgrading from the previous version. The framing API in particular now follows the 1.1 spec and some of the defaults changed.
  • BREAKING: Versions of Python before 3.6 are no longer supported.
  • Update conformance docs.
  • Add all keywords and update options.
  • Default processingMode to json-ld-1.1.
  • Implement logic for marking tests as pending, so that it will fail if a pending test passes.
  • Consolidate documentLoader option and defaults into a load_document method to also handle JSON (eventually HTML) parsing.
  • Add support for rel=alternate for non-JSON-LD docs.
  • Use lxml.html to load HTML and parse in load_html.
    • For HTML, the API base option can be updated from base element.
  • Context processing:
    • Support @propagate in context processing and propagate option.
    • Support for @import. (Some issues confusing recursion errors for invalid contexts).
    • Make override_protected and propagate optional arguments to _create_term_definition and _process_context instead of using option argument.
    • Improve management of previous contexts.
    • Imported contexts must resolve to an object.
    • Do remote context processing from within _process_contexts, as logic is too complicated for pre-loading. Removes _find_context_urls and _retrieve_context_urls.
    • Added a ContextResolver which can use a shared LRU cache for storing externally retrieved contexts, and the result of processing them relative to a particular active context.
    • Return a frozendict from context processing and reduce deepcopies.
    • Store inverse context in an LRU cache rather than trying to modify a frozen context.
    • Don't set @base in initial context and don't resolve a relative IRI when setting @base in a context, so that the document location can be kept separate from the context itself.
    • Use static initial contexts composed of just mappings and processingMode to enhance preprocessed context cachability.
  • Create Term Definition:
    • Allow @type as a term under certain circumstances.
    • Reject and warn on keyword-like terms.
    • Support protected term definitions.
    • Look for keyword patterns and warn/return.
    • Look for terms that are compact IRIs that don't expand to the same thing.
    • Basic support for @json and @none as values of @type.
    • If @container includes @type, @type must be @id or @vocab.
    • Support @index and @direction.
    • Corner-case checking for @prefix.
    • Validate scoped contexts even if not used.
    • Support relative vocabulary IRIs.
    • Fix check that term has the form of an IRI.
    • Delay adding mapping to end of _create_term_definition.
    • If a scoped context is null, wrap it in an array so it doesn't seem to be undefined.
  • IRI Expansion:
    • Find keyword patterns.
    • Don't treat terms starting with a colon as IRIs.
    • Only return a resulting IRI if it is absolute.
    • Fix _is_absolute_iri to use a reasonable regular expression and some other _expand_iri issues.
    • Fix to detecting relative IRIs.
    • Fix special case where relative path should not have a leading '/'
    • Pass in document location (through 'base' option) and use when resolving document-relative IRIs.
  • IRI Compaction:
    • Pass in document location (through 'base' option) and use when compacting document-relative IRIs.
  • Compaction:
    • Compact @direction.
    • Compact @type: @none.
    • Compact @included.
    • Honor @container: @set on @type.
    • Lists of Lists.
    • Improve handling of scoped contexts and propagate.
    • Improve map compaction, including indexed properties.
    • Catch Absolute IRI confused with prefix.
  • Expansion:
    • Updates to expansion algorithm.
    • _expand_value adds @direction from term definition.
    • JSON Literals.
    • Support @direction when expanding.
    • Support lists of lists.
    • Support property indexes.
    • Improve graph container expansion.
    • Order types when applying scoped contexts.
    • Use type_scoped_ctx when expanding values of @type.
    • Use propagate and override_protected properly when creating expansion contexts.
  • Flattening:
    • Rewrite _create_node_map based on 1.1 algorithm.
    • Flatten @included.
    • Flatten lists of lists.
    • Update merge_node_maps for @type.
  • Framing:
    • Change default for requireAll from True to False.
    • Change default for 'embed' from '@​last' to '@​once'.
    • Add defaults for omitGraph and pruneBlankNodeIdentifiers based on processing mode.
    • Change _remove_preserve to _cleanup_preserve which happens before compaction.
    • Add _cleanup_null which happens after compaction.
    • Update frame matching to 1.1 spec.
    • Support @included.
  • ToRdf:
    • Support for I18N direction.
    • Support for Lists of Lists.
    • Partial support for JSON canonicalization of JSON literals.
      • Includes local copy of JCS library, but doesn't load.
    • Lists of Lists.
    • Text Direction 'i18n-datatype'.
  • Testing
    • Switched to argparse.
    • BREAKING: Removed -d and -m test runner options in favor of just listing as arguments.
    • If no test manifests or directories are specified, default to sibling directories for json-ld-api, json-ld-framing, and normalization.


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