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A11y audit fixes

Ciarán Ainsworth requested to merge a11y-audit-fixes into main

This MR fixes some issues raised in the accessibility audit (#26). In addition, it fixes other issues found using Wave.

  • Wrap logo and main navigation in a ˋheaderˋ element
  • Wrap the main content in a ˋmainˋ element
  • Add invisible "skip link" to directly jump to content
  • sections need a heading, check if ˋarticleˋ might be a better fit
  • All pages need to have a ˋh1ˋ element
  • Use a single ˋh2ˋ for subtitles on the main website
  • Increase contrast ratio in the Footer and Buttons (There was a bug, I'll ask if that is fixing the issue)
  • Consider a dark mode (this is probably breaking the scope here) #27
  • Remove alt text for decorative icons
  • Simplify alt text for descriptive images
Edited by Georg Krause

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