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chore(deps): update dependency black to v24.4.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
black (changelog) dev minor 24.1.0 -> 24.4.0


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Release Notes

psf/black (black)


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Stable style
  • Fix unwanted crashes caused by AST equivalency check (#​4290)
Preview style
  • if guards in case blocks are now wrapped in parentheses when the line is too long. (#​4269)
  • Stop moving multiline strings to a new line unless inside brackets (#​4289)
  • Add a new option use_pyproject to the GitHub Action psf/black. This will read the Black version from pyproject.toml. (#​4294)


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This release is a milestone: it fixes Black's first CVE security vulnerability. If you run Black on untrusted input, or if you habitually put thousands of leading tab characters in your docstrings, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade immediately to fix CVE-2024-21503.

This release also fixes a bug in Black's AST safety check that allowed Black to make incorrect changes to certain f-strings that are valid in Python 3.12 and higher.

Stable style
  • Don't move comments along with delimiters, which could cause crashes (#​4248)
  • Strengthen AST safety check to catch more unsafe changes to strings. Previous versions of Black would incorrectly format the contents of certain unusual f-strings containing nested strings with the same quote type. Now, Black will crash on such strings until support for the new f-string syntax is implemented. (#​4270)
  • Fix a bug where line-ranges exceeding the last code line would not work as expected (#​4273)
  • Fix catastrophic performance on docstrings that contain large numbers of leading tab characters. This fixes CVE-2024-21503. (#​4278)
  • Note what happens when --check is used with --quiet (#​4236)


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Stable style
  • Fixed a bug where comments where mistakenly removed along with redundant parentheses (#​4218)
Preview style
  • Move the hug_parens_with_braces_and_square_brackets feature to the unstable style due to an outstanding crash and proposed formatting tweaks (#​4198)
  • Fixed a bug where base expressions caused inconsistent formatting of ** in tenary expression (#​4154)
  • Checking for newline before adding one on docstring that is almost at the line limit (#​4185)
  • Remove redundant parentheses in case statement if guards (#​4214).
  • Fix issue where Black would ignore input files in the presence of symlinks (#​4222)
  • Black now ignores pyproject.toml that is missing a section when discovering project root and configuration. Since Black continues to use version control as an indicator of project root, this is expected to primarily change behavior for users in a monorepo setup (desirably). If you wish to preserve previous behavior, simply add an empty [] to the previously discovered pyproject.toml (#​4204)
  • Black will swallow any SyntaxWarnings or DeprecationWarnings produced by the ast module when performing equivalence checks (#​4189)
  • Add a JSONSchema and provide a validate-pyproject entry-point (#​4181)


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Bugfix release to fix a bug that made Black unusable on certain file systems with strict limits on path length.

Preview style
  • Consistently add trailing comma on typed parameters (#​4164)
  • Shorten the length of the name of the cache file to fix crashes on file systems that do not support long paths (#​4176)


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