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chore(deps): update dependency babel to v2.14.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
Babel (source) dependencies minor 2.13.1 -> 2.14.0


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Release Notes

python-babel/babel (Babel)


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Upcoming deprecation

* This version, Babel 2.14, is the last version of Babel to support Python 3.7.
  Babel 2.15 will require Python 3.8 or newer.
* We had previously announced Babel 2.13 to have been the last version to support
  Python 3.7, but being able to use CLDR 43 with Python 3.7 was deemed important
  enough to keep supporting the EOL Python version for one more release.

Possibly backwards incompatible changes
  • Locale.number_symbols will now have first-level keys for each numbering system. Since the implicit default numbering system still is "latn", what had previously been e.g. Locale.number_symbols['decimal'] is now Locale.number_symbols['latn']['decimal'].
  • Babel no longer directly depends on either distutils or setuptools; if you had been using the Babel setuptools command extensions, you would need to explicitly depend on setuptools – though given you're running you probably already do.


* CLDR/Numbers: Add support of local numbering systems for number symbols by @​kajte in :gh:`1036`
* CLDR: Upgrade to CLDR 43 by @​rix0rrr in :gh:`1043`
* Frontend: Allow last_translator to be passed as an option to extract_message by @​AivGitHub in :gh:`1044`
* Frontend: Decouple `pybabel` CLI frontend from distutils/setuptools by @​akx in :gh:`1041`
* Numbers: Improve parsing of malformed decimals by @​Olunusib and @​akx in :gh:`1042`

  • Enforce trailing commas (enable Ruff COM rule and autofix) by @​akx in 🇬🇭1045
  • CI: use GitHub output formats by @​akx in 🇬🇭1046


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