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chore(deps): update dependency black to v23.11.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
black (changelog) dev minor 23.10.1 -> 23.11.0


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Release Notes

psf/black (black)


Compare Source

  • Support formatting ranges of lines with the new --line-ranges command-line option (#​4020)
Stable style
  • Fix crash on formatting bytes strings that look like docstrings (#​4003)
  • Fix crash when whitespace followed a backslash before newline in a docstring (#​4008)
  • Fix standalone comments inside complex blocks crashing Black (#​4016)
  • Fix crash on formatting code like await (a ** b) (#​3994)
  • No longer treat leading f-strings as docstrings. This matches Python's behaviour and fixes a crash (#​4019)
Preview style
  • Multiline dicts and lists that are the sole argument to a function are now indented less (#​3964)
  • Multiline unpacked dicts and lists as the sole argument to a function are now also indented less (#​3992)
  • In f-string debug expressions, quote types that are visible in the final string are now preserved (#​4005)
  • Fix a bug where long case blocks were not split into multiple lines. Also enable general trailing comma rules on case blocks (#​4024)
  • Keep requiring two empty lines between module-level docstring and first function or class definition (#​4028)
  • Add support for single-line format skip with other comments on the same line (#​3959)
  • Consistently apply force exclusion logic before resolving symlinks (#​4015)
  • Fix a bug in the matching of absolute path names in --include (#​3976)
  • Fix mypyc builds on arm64 on macOS (#​4017)
  • Black's pre-commit integration will now run only on git hooks appropriate for a code formatter (#​3940)


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