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chore(deps): update dependency black to v23.10.1

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
black (changelog) dev minor 23.9.1 -> 23.10.1


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Release Notes

psf/black (black)


Compare Source

  • Maintanence release to get a fix out for GitHub Action edge case (#​3957)
Preview style
  • Fix merging implicit multiline strings that have inline comments (#​3956)
  • Allow empty first line after block open before a comment or compound statement (#​3967)
  • Change Dockerfile to hatch + compile black (#​3965)
  • The summary output for GitHub workflows is now suppressible using the summary parameter. (#​3958)
  • Fix the action failing when Black check doesn't pass (#​3957)


Compare Source

Stable style
  • Fix comments getting removed from inside parenthesized strings (#​3909)
Preview style
  • Fix long lines with power operators getting split before the line length (#​3942)
  • Long type hints are now wrapped in parentheses and properly indented when split across multiple lines (#​3899)
  • Magic trailing commas are now respected in return types. (#​3916)
  • Require one empty line after module-level docstrings. (#​3932)
  • Treat raw triple-quoted strings as docstrings (#​3947)
  • Fix cache versioning logic when BLACK_CACHE_DIR is set (#​3937)
  • Fix bug where attributes named type were not acccepted inside match statements (#​3950)
  • Add support for PEP 695 type aliases containing lambdas and other unusual expressions (#​3949)
  • Black no longer attempts to provide special errors for attempting to format Python 2 code (#​3933)
  • Black will more consistently print stacktraces on internal errors in verbose mode (#​3938)
  • The action output displayed in the job summary is now wrapped in Markdown (#​3914)


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