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chore(deps): update dependency to v2.18.5 - autoclosed

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change dependencies patch 2.18.1 -> 2.18.5

Release Notes



This release corresponds to the AndroidX Media3 1.0.0 release.

There are no changes since 2.18.4.


This release corresponds to the AndroidX Media3 1.0.0-rc02 release.

  • Core library:
    • Fix network type detection on API 33 (#​10970).
    • Fix NullPointerException when calling ExoPlayer.isTunnelingEnabled (#​10977).
  • Downloads:
    • Make the maximum difference of the start time of two segments to be merged configurable in SegmentDownloader and subclasses (#​248).
  • Audio:
    • Fix broken gapless MP3 playback on Samsung devices (#​8594).
    • Fix bug where playback speeds set immediately after disabling audio may be overridden by a previous speed change (#​10882).
  • Video:
    • Map HEVC HDR10 format to HEVCProfileMain10HDR10 instead of HEVCProfileMain10.
    • Add workaround for a device issue on Chromecast with Google TV and Lenovo M10 FHD Plus that causes 60fps AVC streams to be marked as unsupported (#​10898).
    • Fix frame release performance issues when playing media with a frame rate far higher than the screen refresh rate.
  • Cast:
    • Fix transient STATE_IDLE when transitioning between media items (#​245).
  • RTSP:
    • Catch the IllegalArgumentException thrown in parsing of invalid RTSP Describe response messages (#​10971).
  • IMA extension:
    • Fix a bug which prevented DAI streams without any ads from starting because the first (and in the case without ads the only) LOADED event wasn't received.


This release corresponds to the AndroidX Media3 1.0.0-rc01 release.

  • Core library:
    • Tweak the renderer's decoder ordering logic to uphold the MediaCodecSelector's preferences, even if a decoder reports it may not be able to play the media performantly. For example with default selector, hardware decoder with only functional support will be preferred over software decoder that fully supports the format (#​10604).
    • Add ExoPlayer.Builder.setPlaybackLooper that sets a pre-existing playback thread for a new ExoPlayer instance.
    • Allow download manager helpers to be cleared (#​10776).
    • Add parameter to BasePlayer.seekTo to also indicate the command used for seeking.
    • Use theme when loading drawables on API 21+ (#​220).
    • Add ConcatenatingMediaSource2 that allows combining multiple media items into a single window (#​247).
  • Extractors:
    • Throw a ParserException instead of a NullPointerException if the sample table (stbl) is missing a required sample description (stsd) when parsing trak atoms.
    • Correctly skip samples when seeking directly to a sync frame in fMP4 (#​10941).
  • Audio:
    • Use the compressed audio format bitrate to calculate the min buffer size for AudioTrack in direct playbacks (passthrough).
  • Text:
    • Fix TextRenderer passing an invalid (negative) index to Subtitle.getEventTime if a subtitle file contains no cues.
    • SubRip: Add support for UTF-16 files if they start with a byte order mark.
  • Metadata:
    • Parse multiple null-separated values from ID3 frames, as permitted by ID3 v2.4.
    • Add MediaMetadata.mediaType to denote the type of content or the type of folder described by the metadata.
    • Add MediaMetadata.isBrowsable as a replacement for MediaMetadata.folderType. The folder type will be deprecated in the next release.
  • DASH:
    • Add full parsing for image adaptation sets, including tile counts (#​3752).
  • UI:
    • Fix the deprecated StyledPlayerView.setControllerVisibilityListener(StyledPlayerControlView.VisibilityListener) to ensure visibility changes are passed to the registered listener (#​229).
    • Fix the ordering of the center player controls in StyledPlayerView when using a right-to-left (RTL) layout (#​227).
  • Cast extension:
    • Bump Cast SDK version to 21.2.0.
  • IMA extension:
    • Remove player listener of the ImaServerSideAdInsertionMediaSource on the application thread to avoid threading issues.
    • Add a property focusSkipButtonWhenAvailable to the ImaServerSideAdInsertionMediaSource.AdsLoader.Builder to request focusing the skip button on TV devices and set it to true by default.
    • Add a method focusSkipButton() to the ImaServerSideAdInsertionMediaSource.AdsLoader to programmatically request to focus the skip button.
    • Fix a bug which prevented playback from starting for a DAI stream without any ads.
    • Bump IMA SDK version to 3.29.0.
  • Demo app:
    • Request notification permission for download notifications at runtime (#​10884).


This release corresponds to the AndroidX Media3 1.0.0-beta03 release.

  • Core library:
    • Add ExoPlayer.isTunnelingEnabled to check if tunneling is enabled for the currently selected tracks (#​2518).
    • Add WrappingMediaSource to simplify wrapping a single MediaSource (#​7279).
    • Discard back buffer before playback gets stuck due to insufficient available memory.
    • Close the Tracing "doSomeWork" block when offload is enabled.
    • Fix session tracking problem with fast seeks in PlaybackStatsListener (#​180).
    • Send missing onMediaItemTransition callback when calling seekToNext or seekToPrevious in a single-item playlist (#​10667).
    • Add Player.getSurfaceSize that returns the size of the surface on which the video is rendered.
    • Fix bug where removing listeners during the player release can cause an IllegalStateException (#​10758).
  • Build:
    • Enforce minimum compileSdkVersion to avoid compilation errors (#​10684).
  • Track selection:
    • Prefer other tracks to Dolby Vision if display does not support it. (#​8944).
  • Downloads:
    • Fix potential infinite loop in ProgressiveDownloader caused by simultaneous download and playback with the same PriorityTaskManager (#​10570).
    • Make download notification appear immediately (#​183).
    • Limit parallel download removals to 1 to avoid excessive thread creation (#​10458).
  • Video:
    • Try alternative decoder for Dolby Vision if display does not support it. (#​9794).
  • Audio:
    • Use SingleThreadExecutor for releasing AudioTrack instances to avoid OutOfMemory errors when releasing multiple players at the same time (#​10057).
    • Adds AudioOffloadListener.onExperimentalOffloadedPlayback for the AudioTrack offload state. (#​134).
    • Make AudioTrackBufferSizeProvider a public interface.
    • Add ExoPlayer.setPreferredAudioDevice to set the preferred audio output device (#​135).
    • Map 8-channel and 12-channel audio to the 7.1 and 7.1.4 channel masks respectively on all Android versions (#​10701).
  • Metadata:
    • MetadataRenderer can now be configured to render metadata as soon as they are available. Create an instance with MetadataRenderer(MetadataOutput, Looper, MetadataDecoderFactory, boolean) to specify whether the renderer will output metadata early or in sync with the player position.
  • DRM:
    • Work around a bug in the Android 13 ClearKey implementation that returns a non-empty but invalid license URL.
    • Fix setMediaDrmSession failed: session not opened error when switching between DRM schemes in a playlist (e.g. Widevine to ClearKey).
  • Text:
    • CEA-608: Ensure service switch commands on field 2 are handled correctly (#​10666).
  • DASH:
    • Parse EventStream.presentationTimeOffset from manifests (#​10460).
  • UI:
    • Use current overrides of the player as preset in TrackSelectionDialogBuilder (#​10429).
  • RTSP:
    • Add H263 fragmented packet handling (#​119).
    • Add support for MP4A-LATM (#​162).
  • IMA:
    • Add timeout for loading ad information to handle cases where the IMA SDK gets stuck loading an ad (#​10510).
    • Prevent skipping mid-roll ads when seeking to the end of the content (#​10685).
    • Correctly calculate window duration for live streams with server-side inserted ads, for example IMA DAI (#​10764).
  • FFmpeg extension:
    • Add newly required flags to link FFmpeg libraries with NDK 23.1.7779620 and above (#​9933).
  • AV1 extension:
    • Update CMake version to avoid incompatibilities with the latest Android Studio releases (#​9933).
  • Cast extension:
    • Implement getDeviceInfo() to be able to identify CastPlayer when controlling playback with a MediaController (#​142).
  • Transformer:
    • Add muxer watchdog timer to detect when generating an output sample is too slow.
  • Remove deprecated symbols:
    • Remove Transformer.Builder.setOutputMimeType(String). This feature has been removed. The MIME type will always be MP4 when the default muxer is used.


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