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chore(deps): update dependency org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jdk7 to v1.8.20

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jdk7 (source) dependencies patch 1.8.0 -> 1.8.20

Release Notes


v1.8.20: Kotlin 1.8.20


Analysis API
  • KT-55510 K2: Lost designation for local classes
  • KT-55191 AA: add an API to compare symbol pointers
  • KT-55487 K2: symbol pointer restoring doesn't work for static members
  • KT-55336 K2 IDE: "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Required value was null." exception while importing a compiled JPS project
  • KT-55098 AA: KtDeclarationRenderer should render a context receivers
  • KT-51181 LL API: errors for SAM with suspend function from another module
  • KT-50250 Analysis API: Implement Analysis API of KtExpression.isUsedAsExpression
  • KT-54360 KtPropertySymbol: support JvmField in javaSetterName and javaGetterName
Analysis API. FE1.0
  • KT-55825 AA FE1.0: stackoverflow when resolution to a function with a recursive type parameter
Analysis API. FIR
  • KT-54311 K2: proper implementation of KtSymbolPointer
  • KT-50238 Analysis API: Implement KSymbolPointer for KtSymbol
Analysis API. FIR Low Level API
  • KT-52160 FIR: Substitution overrides on FirValueParameter-s are incorrectly unwrapped
  • KT-55566 LL FIR: Tests in compiler/testData/diagnostics/tests/testsWithJava17 fail under LL FIR
  • KT-55339 LL FIR: Missing RECURSIVE_TYPEALIAS_EXPANSION error in function type alias
  • KT-55327 LL FIR: Diverging UNRESOLVED_REFERENCE errors in recursive local function test
  • KT-54826 KtSymbolPointer: migrate from IdSignature to our own solution
  • KT-54464 MPP, Android SSL2: Add a flag for suppressing warning in case of using Android Style folders
Backend. Wasm
  • KT-38924 Wasm support in nodejs
  • KT-56160 Getting WebAssembly.CompileError in browsers not supported GC and other required proposals
  • KT-46773 Implement an experimental version of the Kotlin/Wasm compiler backend
  • KT-56584 K/Wasm: Can't link symbol class
  • KT-56166 Fix compatibility with Firefox Nightly
  • KT-55589 Basic support of WASI
  • KT-53790 Reading from "node:module" is not handled by plugins error with Kotlin/Wasm 1.7.20-Beta
New Features
  • KT-54535 Implement custom equals and hashCode for value classes in Kotlin/JVM
  • KT-55949 Release experimental @Volatile support in native
  • KT-44698 Frontend (K2): print file name/line on compiler crash/exception
  • KT-54666 K2: Allow to skip specifying type arguments for members from raw type scope
  • KT-54524 Implement Java synthetic property references in compiler
  • KT-54024 K2: support -Xlink-via-signatures mode
Performance Improvements
  • KT-33722 JVM: Result API causes unnecessary boxing
  • KT-53330 Optimize for-loops and contains over open-ended ranges with until operator (..<) for all backends
  • KT-54415 JVM BE: performance loss related to multi-field inline class lowering
  • KT-48759 Infix compareTo boxes inline classes
  • KT-55033 Make org.jetbrains.kotlin.resolve.calls.inference.model.NewConstraintSystemImpl#runTransaction an inline function
  • KT-54501 Improve code generation for inline classes with custom equals
  • KT-56965 K/N: linkDebugFrameworkIosArm64 tasks failing with UnsupportedOperationException: VAR name:disposables type:com.badoo.reaktive.disposable.CompositeDisposable [val]
  • KT-56611 Native: new native caches are broken when KONAN_DATA_DIR is defined to a directory inside ~/.gradle
  • KT-55251 Enum.entries compilation error should be more specific
  • KT-56527 K2: "AssertionError: Assertion failed" during compilation in SequentialFilePositionFinder
  • KT-56526 InvalidProtocolBufferException on reading module metadata compiled by K2 in 1.8.20
  • KT-57388 Kapt+JVM_IR: "RuntimeException: No type for expression" for delegated property
  • KT-53153 Synthetic Enum.entries can be shadowed by user-defined declarations
  • KT-51290 "AssertionError: Parameter indices mismatch at context" with context receivers
  • KT-57242 Equals behaviour for value classes implementing interfaces is different between 1.8.10 and 1.8.20-RC
  • KT-57261 "IllegalArgumentException was thrown at: MemoizedInlineClassReplacements.getSpecializedEqualsMethod" when comparing non-inline class instance with an inline class instance
  • KT-57107 Handling of Windows line endings CRLF broken in latest snapshot with K2
  • KT-57117 K2: Compiler reports invalid columns in diagnostics in case of crlf line endings
  • KT-56500 The type parameter TYPE_PARAMETER name:E index:0 variance: superTypes:[kotlin.Any?] reified:false is not defined in the referenced function FUN LOCAL_FUNCTION_FOR_LAMBDA
  • KT-56258 VerifyError: Bad local variable type when using -Xdebug
  • KT-54455 Unexpected result of equality comparison of inline class objects
  • KT-56251 Generic Java synthetic property references don't work in K2
  • KT-55886 K2: Wrong code location mapping with Windows line endings
  • KT-43296 FIR: Complicated interaction between smart cast and inference leads to false-positive diagnostic
  • KT-57053 Problem around anonymous objects in inline functions
  • KT-54950 NoSuchMethodError on calling 'addAll' on inline class implementing mutable list
  • KT-56815 compileKotlin task is stuck with while(true) and suspend function
  • KT-56847 Unresolved reference to Java annotation in Kotlin class with the same name packages
  • KT-52459 Context receivers: AbstractMethodError caused by Interface method with both an extension and a context receiver is overriden incorrectly in subclasses
  • KT-56215 JVM: Object extension function nullable receiver null check false negative when object is null
  • KT-56188 K/N: AssertionError when casting SAM wrapper with generic type parameter
  • KT-56033 Restore 'isMostPreciseContravariantArgument' function signature for compatibility
  • KT-56407 Backend Internal error: Exception during IR lowering during :daemon-common-new:compileKotlin
  • KT-55887 K2. "IllegalStateException: is not expected" on adding kotlin.plugin.jpa
  • KT-56701 K2 (with LightTree) reports syntax errors without additional information
  • KT-56649 K2 uses 0-index for line numbers rather than 1-index
  • KT-54807 K2. Support @OnlyInputTypes diagnostic checks (contains like calls)
  • KT-51247 "AssertionError:" caused by context receiver functional types
  • KT-55436 K1: implement warning about shadowing of the derived property by the base class field
  • KT-56521 Static scope initializers sometimes not called when first accessed from interop
  • KT-49182 Strange cast from Unit to String
  • KT-55288 False negative WRONG_ANNOTATION_TARGET on type under a nullability qualifier
  • KT-33132 Cannot override the equals operator twice (in a class and its subclass) unless omitting the operator keyword in the subclass
  • KT-56061 K1 does not report error on inconsistent synthetic property assignment
  • KT-55483 K2: Fir is not initialized for FirRegularClassSymbol java/lang/invoke/LambdaMetafactory
  • KT-55125 Difference in generated bytecode for open suspend functions of generic classes
  • KT-54140 SOE at IrBasedDescriptorsKt.makeKotlinType with mixing recursive definitely not nullable type with nullability
  • KT-56224 Clarify message "Secondary constructors with bodies are reserved for for future releases" for secondary constructors in value classes with bodies
  • KT-54662 K2: Assign operator ambiguity on synthetic property from java
  • KT-54507 K2: Wrong implicitModality for interface in FirHelpers
  • KT-55912 "UnsupportedOperationException: Unsupported const element type kotlin.Any" caused by kotlin fqn in annotation
  • KT-56018 [K2/N] Fir2Ir does not take value parameters annotations from FIR to IR
  • KT-56091 [K2/N] Fix various property annotations
  • KT-54209 K2: false positive deprecation on a class literal with deprecated companion
  • KT-55977 [K2/N] Suspend function reference type is wrongly serialized to klib
  • KT-55493 K2: False-negative VAL_REASSIGNMENT
  • KT-55372 K2: false-negative INVISIBLE_MEMBER for call of static method of package-private Java grandparent class
  • KT-55371 K2: compiled code fails trying to call static method of package-private Java grandparent class
  • KT-55408 K2: can't access indirectly inherited from a package-private class Java members through a type alias
  • KT-55116 K2: store static qualifiers in dispatch receiver field
  • KT-55996 K2: cannot switch the light tree mode off with -Xuse-fir-lt=false
  • KT-55368 K2/MPP: Metadata compiler
  • KT-54305 K1: implement warning "synthetic setter projected out"
  • KT-52027 "NullPointerException" when using context receivers with inline fun
  • KT-55984 Stack allocated array is not cleaned between loop iterations
  • KT-52593 Provide Alpha support for JS in the K2 platform
  • KT-54656 NoSuchMethodError on invoking Java constructor which takes an inline value class as a parameter
  • KT-56015 Remove unnecessary stack traces for special checks for ObjC interop
  • KT-55606 K2. Infix operator "in" works on ConcurrentHashMap when it's declared through another class
  • KT-53884 K2: "IllegalStateException: Fir is not initialized for FirRegularClassSymbol com/appodeal/consent/Consent.a" when importing this class
  • KT-54502 Synthetic extensions on raw types work differently from regular getter calls
  • KT-49351 FIR: Raw type scopes are unsupported
  • KT-49345 FIR: Properly support raw types in type parameter upper bounds
  • KT-55733 K2. Reference resolve works incorrectly for classes declared through typealias
  • KT-46369 FIR: Investigate raw types for arrays
  • KT-41794 [FIR] Implement raw type based scope
  • KT-55181 K2. No compilation error on throwing not throwable
  • KT-55398 Kotlin inline nested inline lambda's inline variable will inline not correctly
  • KT-55359 K2. No error when secondary constructor does not delegate to primary one
  • KT-55759 K2: Unresolved reference of serializer if library linking is used (with kotlinx.serialization plugin)
  • KT-54705 Kotlin scripting doesn't support files with UTF-8 BOM
  • KT-51753 FIR: various errors due to expect/actual mapping absence in translator
  • KT-44515 FIR DFA: extract non-null info from anonymous object's initialization
  • KT-55018 K2 / serialization: FIR2IR fails on local companion
  • KT-55284 Refactor org.jetbrains.kotlin.diagnostics.KtDiagnosticReportContextHelpersKt#reportOn(...)
  • KT-55693 K2. Type inference changed in k2
  • KT-54742 K2: lambda with conditional bare return inferred to return Any, not Unit
  • KT-54332 Add deprecation warning for false-negative TYPE_MISMATCH for KT-49404
  • KT-55509 Invisible fake overrides are listed among lazy IR class members
  • KT-55597 K2. This type has a constructor, and thus must be initialized here error is missed for anonymous object inherits class with no-arg constructor
  • KT-54357 "ClassCastException: class org.jetbrains.kotlin.resolve.scopes.receivers.ExtensionReceiver cannot be cast to class org.jetbrains.kotlin.resolve.scopes.receivers.ContextClassReceiver" with anonymous object extending a class with a context receiver
  • KT-51397 "VerifyError: Bad type on operand stack" with context receivers
  • KT-54905 KLIB check on compiled with pre-release version
  • KT-55615 K2 often does not expand type aliases in annotation position
  • KT-54522 K2: ambiguity between operator candidates on += (plusAssign) to reassigned var of MutableList type
  • KT-54300 K2: No "Projections are not allowed for immediate arguments of a supertype" for projection in supertypes of an anonymous object
  • KT-55495 K2: support lateinit intrinsic applicability checker
  • KT-55494 MPP. Error when building for native: Compilation failed: Global 'kclass:io.ktor.serialization.$deserializeCOROUTINE$0' already exists
  • KT-54980 K2: Explicit type arguments in calls with the wrong number of type arguments are not resolved
  • KT-54730 K2: type aliases to generic functional interfaces attempt to re-infer explicitly specified type parameters
  • KT-55611 IC / MPP: Optional internal annotations are not visible on incremental builds
  • KT-55324 K2: ControlFlowGraphBuilder fails with index out of bounds exception
  • KT-55656 K2: MRIMARY_CONSTRUCTOR_DELEGATION_CALL_EXPECTED being a warning causes a NPE in runtime
  • KT-51277 "NoSuchElementException: Collection contains no element matching the predicate" with context receivers and star projection
  • KT-52791 Class with multiple context receivers fails -Xvalidate-ir with "Validation failed in file"
  • KT-55071 Shared Native Compilation: Calls from intermediate common source set cannot use default parameters declared in expect common functions
  • KT-52193 Native: Unable to call primary constructor with default values in an actual class without passing the values, in nativeMain source set
  • KT-54573 K2: untouched implicit types in delegated constructor call of data class with @JvmRecord
  • KT-55037 Support jspecify annotations moved to the new package org.jspecify.annotations in jspecify 0.3
  • KT-48989 JVM / IR: "IllegalStateException: Bad exception handler end" when first parameter of inline function is nullable with "try/catch/finally" default value and second parameter tries to call toString() on the first
  • KT-55231 K2: Contract declarations are not passed to checkers
  • KT-54411 False positive: INFERRED_TYPE_VARIABLE_INTO_POSSIBLE_EMPTY_INTERSECTION on kotlinx.coroutines code
  • KT-55005 Inconsistent behavior of array set operation in Kotlin 1.7.21
  • KT-44625 Property backing/delegate field annotations are not serialized/deserialized for non-JVM targets
  • KT-42490 Receiver annotations are not serialized/deserialized for non-JVM targets
  • KT-53441 K2: cannot access static method of package-private Java grandparent class
  • KT-54197 [K2] Exception from inliner for inline function with context receiver
  • KT-55246 Disable 'CustomEqualsInValueClasses' feature in 1.9 language version
  • KT-55247 Disable 'InlineLateinit' feature in 1.9 language version
  • KT-53957 K2 and -Xlambdas=indy: LambdaConversionException on reference to method with both context and extension receivers
  • KT-55421 K2: get rid of potentially redundant call of preCacheBuiltinClassMembers from getIrClassSymbol
  • KT-52815 Compiler option -Xjdk-release fails to compile mixed projects
  • KT-52236 Different modality in psi and fir
  • KT-54921 K2: cannot access static field of package-private Java parent class
  • KT-53698 K2: FIR2IR fails on call of inivisble extension function with Suppress
  • KT-53920 K2: "NoSuchElementException: Key org.jetbrains.kotlin.fir.resolve.dfa.cfg.ClassExitNode@ef115ab is missing in the map" with unreachable code and anonymous object
  • KT-55358 INTEGER_OPERATOR_RESOLVE_WILL_CHANGE is not reported in return positions of functions
  • KT-51475 "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 4 out of bounds for length 4" with context(Any) on inline function with contract
  • KT-51951 "IllegalStateException: No receiver" caused by implicit invoke on typealias context receiver
  • KT-52373 Context receivers: ClassCastException: function with dispatch, context, and extension receivers produces this when a parameter's default is included
  • KT-54220 K2: compiler fails on compiling plus expression on unsigned int
  • KT-54692 K2: compiler fails on compiling unsigned shifts
  • KT-54824 K2: missing smartcast after two levels of aliasing and a reassignment
  • KT-53368 Out of bounds read in sse version of String::hashCode
  • KT-54978 K2: Property accesses with explicit type arguments pass frontend checkers
  • KT-51863 ClassCastException when using context receivers with named argument.
  • KT-55123 JvmSerializableLambda is not applicable in common code in multiplatform projects
  • KT-45970 Missing deprecation warnings for constant operators calls in property initializers
  • KT-54851 K2: analysis of as/is contains multiple errors that result in missing diagnostics
  • KT-54668 K2: Inference error in body of lazy property with elvis with Nothing in RHS
  • KT-55269 FIR2IR: Static functions and nested classes are missing from Fir2IrLazyClass
  • KT-55026 K2: Function hides internal constructor from another module
  • KT-53070 Update intellij testdata fixes for FIR and merge it to master
  • KT-53492 No parameter null check generated for constructor taking an inline class type
  • KT-50489 Smart cast may lead to failing inference
  • KT-55160 Kotlin's fragment element types must not extend IStubFileElementType
  • KT-55143 K2: INAPPLICABLE_JVM_NAME in JVM does not work for inline classes
  • KT-47933 Report warning if kotlin.annotation.Repeatable is used together with java.lang.annotation.Repeatable
  • KT-55035 FIR: do not use FirValueParameter for FirFunctionalTypeRef
  • KT-55095 Wrong containingDeclarationSymbol in type parameter from Enhancement
  • KT-53946 K2: don't resolve Enum.declaringClass and Enum.getDeclaringClass
  • KT-54673 K2. "Superclass is not accessible" from interface error for sealed interfaces
  • KT-55074 OptIn false negative: constructor call with default argument value
  • KT-54260 K2: "AssertionError: No modifier list, but modifier has been found by the analyzer" when annotated annotation and AllOpen plugin
  • KT-55034 FIR: provide information about containing function/constructor to FirValueParameter
  • KT-54744 K2: reassigning a var erases smartcast info of a variable derived from the old value
  • KT-53988 K2: False negative "The expression cannot be a selector (occur after a dot)"
  • KT-53983 K2 crashes with NPE when 'this' is used inside enum class constructor
  • KT-54910 Can not declare typed equals operator in inline class with "Nothing" return type
  • KT-54909 Usage of custom typed equals operator in generic inline class is type-unsafe
  • KT-53371 Properly resolve FIR to get fully resolved annotations
  • KT-53519 FIR: argument mapping for annotations on value parameter is not properly built
  • KT-54827 MPP: "java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0" during compilation of androidMain target
  • KT-54417 K2: move receiver-targeted annotations to KtReceiverParameterSymbol and remove it from FirProperty receiver type
  • KT-54972 K2: Local functions with multiple type arguments are broken
  • KT-54762 Private constructor is accessible from a public inline function via @PublishedAPI annotation
  • KT-54832 Deprecate incorrect callable references resolution behavior for KT-54316
  • KT-54732 DirectedGraphCondensationBuilder.paint fails with StackOverflowError during linkReleaseFrameworkIos64
  • KT-54897 K2: value class with private constructor stripped by jvm-abi-gen cannot be used in another module
  • KT-54784 NPE from IrSourceCompilerForInlineKt.nonLocalReturnLabel on non-local break and continue in anonymous initializers and in scripts
  • KT-54840 Field for const property on interface companion object loses deprecated status when copied to interface
  • KT-53825 class files are generated when compilation fails with platform declaration clash
  • KT-54526 K2: Raw type scope is lost after exiting from elvis
  • KT-54570 K2: False-positive OVERLOAD_RESOLUTION_AMBIGUITY in case of combination of raw types
  • KT-52157 Annotation on type parameter isn't present in the symbol loaded from the library
  • KT-54318 VerifyError on { null } in catch block
  • KT-54654 K2: Implicit types leaks into delegated member
  • KT-54645 K2: Clash of two inherited classes with the same name
  • KT-53255 [FIR2IR] StackOverflowError with long when-expression conditions
  • KT-48861 No warning on incorrect usage of array type annotated as Nullable in Java
  • KT-54539 @Deprecated on members of private companion object is no longer needed
  • KT-54403 Unexpected behaviour on overridden typed equals in inline class
  • KT-54536 Unexpected result of comparison of inline class instances
  • KT-54603 ClassCastException on comparison of inline classes with custom equals
  • KT-54401 Unhandled exception on compilation inline class with 'equals' from 'Any' returning 'Nothing'
  • KT-54378 K2: smart cast breaks subtyping in case with complex projections
  • KT-53761 Reified type not propagated to supertype token through two inline functions
  • KT-53876 Manually instantiated annotations with unsigned arrays are not equal
  • KT-51740 NO_VALUE_FOR_PARAMETER: Consider increasing error highlighting range
  • KT-54084 ClassCastException when trying to call a context receiver's method
  • KT-51282 IllegalAccessError: Compiler for JVM 1.8+ makes lambdas access unaccessible classes when using @JvmMultifileClasses
  • KT-53479 False positive "Cannot access 'runCatching' before superclass constructor has been called"
  • KT-50950 JVM IR: "AssertionError: FUN SYNTHETIC_GENERATED_SAM_IMPLEMENTATION" when using bound reference to suspend SAM function
  • KT-49364 "VerifyError: Bad type on operand stack" on cast which "can never succeed" from ULong to Int
  • KT-51478 Inapplicable receiver diagnostic expected when there are two context receiver candidates
Docs & Examples
  • KT-32469 @Synchronized on extension method doesn't generate instance lock
New Features
  • KTIJ-24378 Update Kotlin plugin to 1.8.0 in IDEA 223.2
Performance Improvements
  • KT-55445 KtUltraLightClassModifierList.hasModifierProperty requires resolve for PsiModifier.MRIVATE
  • KTIJ-24657 Disable pre-release and other metadata checks in IDE
  • KT-55929 Unresolved dependencies for intermediate multiplatform SourceSets
  • KTIJ-24179 Bundle Kotlin 1.8.0 with Intellij IDEA 2022.3.2
  • KTIJ-23547 K2 IDE: Functional type: explicit parameter name VS ParameterName annotation
  • KTIJ-23347 K2 IDE. False positive "Symbol fun intFun(): Unit is invisible" in tests
  • KT-55862 Can't resolve kotlin-stdlib-js sources in IDE
  • KTIJ-23587 K2: SOE in delegate field resolution
  • KT-55782 [SLC] Typealiases are not exapnded in arguments of annotations
  • KT-55778 [SLC] Incorrect determination of useSitePostion for types of local declarations
  • KT-55780 [SLC] No approximation of anonymous and local types in members
  • KT-55743 K2 SLC: SymbolLightClassForClassOrObject must have a name
  • KT-55604 Descriptor leak
  • KT-55502 SLC: drop redundant 'final' modifier from synthetic static enum members
  • KT-55497 LC: drop @NotNull annotation from parameter from synthetic Enum.valueOf
  • KT-55496 SLC: generated synthetic enum methods by symbols instead of manual creation
  • KT-55481 SLC: implement correct java annotations for annotation classes (Retention, Target, etc.)
  • KT-55470 SLC: implement light class for RepeatableContainer
  • KT-55442 SLC: 'isInheritor' for 'DefaultImpls' should work correctly
  • KTIJ-23449 K2: "parent must not be null" from SymbolLightClassBase.getContext()
  • KT-40609 IDE: False positive "Exception is never thrown..." in Java when Kotlin getter is annotated with Throws
  • KT-54051 Migrate symbol light classes from KtSymbol to KtElement
IDE. Completion
  • KTIJ-22503 Support code completion for data objects
  • KTIJ-22361 ISE “java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected FirResolvedTypeRef with ConeKotlinType but was FirImplicitTypeRefImpl ” on K2
IDE. Debugger
  • KTIJ-24259 Debugger is stuck in an infinite loop in an Android project
  • KTIJ-24003 Smart step into doesn't work for Java synthetic properties references
  • KTIJ-24039 Support smart step into for property setters
IDE. Decompiler, Indexing, Stubs
  • KTIJ-24351 Kotlin Bytecode tool window: NullPointerException during inlining of inline function with object literal
IDE. Gradle Integration
  • KTIJ-24616 Gradle Integration: "NoSuchMethodError: 'java.util.Collection org.jetbrains.kotlin.idea.projectModel.KotlinCompilation.getDeclaredSourceSets" during sync fail after updating Kotlin IJ Plugin to 1.8.20-Beta
  • KT-55347 Broken IDE sync for js: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Accessing Compile Dependencies Transformations is not yet initialised
  • KTIJ-23781 TCS: Gradle Sync: Support friend&dependsOn via IdeaKotlinSourceDependency
IDE. Gradle. Script
  • KT-56941 Gradle KTS / Navigation: Go to declaration for Java types doesn't work
IDE. Inspections and Intentions
  • KTIJ-23404 K2 IDE. Platform type is inserted as type parameter for "Change return type" intention
  • KTIJ-24319 "Set module version to *" quickfix isn't working
  • KTIJ-23225 "Change package" intention unintentionally and intractably replaces text inside of critical strings and comments
  • KTIJ-23892 UsePropertyAccessSyntaxInspection should also suggest replacing getter method references with method synthetic properties referencies after Kotlin 1.9
  • KTIJ-22087 Support IDE inspections for upcoming data objects
  • KTIJ-24286 Constant conditions: false positive "Cast will always fail" with cast of java.lang.String to kotlin.String
  • KTIJ-23859 ConvertObjectToDataObjectInspection support more hashCode and toString cases
  • KTIJ-23760 Get rid of readResolve logic in ConvertObjectToDataObjectInspection
  • KTIJ-24342 KDoc: First line break character is swallowed when pasted
IDE. Misc
  • KTIJ-24370 Remove link to k2.xml from plugin.xml in kt-223 branches
  • KTIJ-24210 Compatibility issue with the CUBA plugin
IDE. Multiplatform
  • KTIJ-21205 MPP: Kotlin not configured error is shown for K/N sources if Android target is presented
  • KT-52172 Multiplatform: Support composite builds
  • KT-56198 Multiplatform;Composite Builds: import fails if single jvm target multiplatform project consume included jvm build
  • KTIJ-24147 MPP: NullPointerException: versionString must not be null
IDE. Refactorings. Move
  • KTIJ-24243 Move declarations: "Search in comments and strings" and "Search for text occurrences" options are always enabled when files are moved
IDE. Script
  • KT-56632 Script configuration cannot be loaded for embedded code snippets
IDE. Wizards
  • KTIJ-24562 Android target created by wizard contains AGP higher than supported
  • KTIJ-24402 Changes "Browser Application for Kotlin/Wasm" wizard template
  • KTIJ-23525 Wizard: Compose multiplatform: project won't build and require higher compileSdkVersion
New Features
  • KT-54118 Kotlin/JS IR: keep declarations with non-minified names
  • KT-35655 Investigate could we use "names" field in SourceMaps to improve debug experience
  • KT-55971 KJS: Result of suspend function cannot be assigned to property of dynamic value
  • KT-52374 KJS / IR: caling suspend function as dynamic ignores the rest of the expression
  • KT-56884 KJS: "Top-level declarations in .d.ts files must start with either a 'declare' or 'export' modifier." caused by enum and array inside the companion object
  • KT-51122 Provide fully-qualified method name in Kotlin/JS source maps
  • KT-56602 KJS / Serialization: polymorphicDefaultDeserializer unbound on Kotlin 1.8.20-Beta
  • KT-56580 KJS: languageVersionSettings string is unstable
  • KT-56581 KJS: Lock file for incremental cache
  • KT-56582 KJS: Function type interface reflection crashes the compiler in incremental build
  • KT-55720 KJS: ReferenceError: SuspendFunction1 is not defined with 1.8 when importingkotlin.coroutines.SuspendFunction1
  • KT-56469 KJS: BE Incremental rebuild spoils source map comment
  • KT-55930 KJS: A recursive callable reference of the inline function leads broken cross module references
  • KT-31888 Kotlin/JS: make possible to call main() in main run tasks, but not in test tasks
  • KT-51581 FIR: support JS backend
  • KT-55786 KJS: Rewriting of secondary constructors if they are protected
  • KT-52563 KJS / IR: Invalid TypeScript generated for class extending base class with private constructor
  • KT-55367 KJS / IR + IC: Moving an external declaration between different JsModules() doesn't rebuild the JS code
  • KT-55240 KJS: "NoSuchElementException: No element of given type found" caused by @JsExport and Throwable's child class
  • KT-54398 KJS / IR + IC: Support *.d.ts generation
  • KT-55144 KJS / IR + IC: Modifying an inline function which is used as a default param in another inline function doesn't invalidate a caller
  • KT-54134 KJS / IR: "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined" in js block wrapped with suspend functions around
  • KT-54911 KJS / IR + IC: invalidate all klib dependencies after removing it
  • KT-54912 KJS / IR + IC: Commit cache header only in the end (after lowering)
  • KT-52677 Native: StackOverFlow during "$renderTypeAnnotations$1.invoke"
  • KT-54480 KJS: "Exported declaration contains non-consumable identifier" warning when exporting modules as default
  • KT-41294 KJS: Weird behaviour of j2v8 in test infra
  • KT-54173 Kotlin/JS + IR: failed to provide keep setting to avoid DCE remove of default interface function from implementing object
Language Design
  • KT-55451 Preview of lifting restriction on secondary constructor bodies for value classes
  • KT-54621 Preview of Enum.entries: modern and performant replacement for Enum.values()
  • KT-54525 Preview of Java synthetic property references
  • KT-55337 Preview of data objects
  • KT-55344 Deprecate @Synchronized in platforms except JVM
  • KT-35508 EXC_BAD_ACCESS(code=2, address=0x16d8dbff0) crashes on iOS when using a sequence (from map() etc.)
  • KT-56794 Libraries: "Recursively copying a directory into its subdirectory is prohibited" Path.copyToRecursively fails on copying from one ZipFileSystem to another ZipFileSystem
  • KT-55935 [Kotlin/JVM] Path.copyToRecursively does not work across file systems
  • KT-55978 Provide Common Base64 encoding in stdlib
  • KT-46211 [Kotlin/Native] Stack overflow crash in Regex classes with simple pattern and very large input
  • KT-31066 Add Closeable & use to common stdlib
  • KT-55609 Introduce experimental kotlin.concurrent.Volatile annotation
  • KT-39789 Segfault in Kotlin/Native regex interpreter
  • KT-53310 Native: HashMap/HashSet doesn't reclaim storage after removing elements
  • KT-56443 Native link task reports w: Cached libraries will not be used for optimized compilation
  • KT-55938 [Kotlin/Native] Inline functions accessing ObjC class companion cause compiler to crash when building static caches in 1.8.20 dev build
Native. C and ObjC Import
  • KT-55303 Objective-C import: improve -fmodules flag discoverability.
  • KT-39120 Cinterop tool doesn't support the -fmodules compiler argument
  • KT-40426 Incorrect Objective-C extensions importing that prevents UIKit usage
  • KT-55653 Since Kotlin 1.8.0 NSView.resetCursorRects doesn't exist anymore and cannot override it
  • KT-54284 Kotlin/Native: cinterop produces non-deterministic metadata
Native. ObjC Export
  • KT-56350 Kotlin/Native: restore "use Foundation" in generated Objective-C frameworks
  • KT-55736 Native: exporting suspend function from a cached dependency to Objective-C crashes with "Suspend functions should be lowered out at this point"
  • KT-53638 Native: support disabling mangling globally for Swift names in generated Objective-C header
  • KT-53069 SOE on K/N framework build for Arm64
  • KT-53317 ObjCName annotation is not applied to an extension receiver in Objective-C export
Native. Stdlib
  • KT-53064 Native: provide stdlib API to obtain memory management statistics
  • KT-27585 Flaky IllegalPropertyDelegateAccessException: Cannot obtain the delegate of a non-accessible property. Use "isAccessible = true" to make the property accessible
  • KT-55178 Improve performance of KCallable.callBy
  • KT-53279 Reflection: "KotlinReflectionInternalError: Method is not supported" caused by @Repeatable annotation deserialization at runtime if it's repeated and contains arrays
  • KT-44977 Reflection: ClassCastException caused by annotations with "AnnotationTarget.TYPE" usage on array attributes access
Tools. CLI
  • KT-57077 1.8.20-RC-243 shows Java 19 warnings even if configured with Java 17 toolchain
  • KT-56992 Performance test regression in Gradle when switching to Kotlin 1.8.20
  • KT-56789 Metaspace memory leak in CoreJrtFileSystem
  • KT-56925 Remove warning about assignment plugin
  • KT-54652 Enable -Xuse-fir-lt by default when -Xuse-k2 is turned on, provide way to disable
  • KT-55784 Unable to format compilation errors with ansi colors in compilation server
  • KT-54718 K2: Compiler crashes with "IllegalArgumentException: newPosition > limit"
  • KT-54337 CLI: compiling without explicitly specified JDK home leads to a weird error
Tools. Commonizer
  • KT-47429 [Commonizer] OKIO support
  • KT-51517 C Interop Commonizer Fails On Classifier That Doesn't Exist
Tools. Compiler Plugins
  • KT-53590 K2 Allopen does not look for transitive meta-annotations
  • KT-56487 Add more methods to DescriptorSerializerPlugin
  • KT-54020 [K2] [NEW_INFERENCE_NO_INFORMATION_FOR_PARAMETER] error in case 'static Name' param was added to @AllArgsConstructor annotation and an empty list is set as a constructor param value
  • KT-53096 Create a pack of compiler utilities for generating declarations from plugins
  • KT-55248 K2/PluginAPI: getCallableNamesForClass/generateClassLikeDeclaration are not called for synthetic companions of local classes
  • KT-54756 Deprecate "legacy" mode of jvm-abi-gen plugin
  • KT-55233 jvm-abi-gen strips out InnerClass attributes
  • KT-54994 K2 plugin API: Compile-time constants are not evaluated before IR
  • KT-55023 K2 plugin API: Compilation with Kotlin daemon fails after certain number of tries
  • KT-55286 K2: Parcelize plugin sometimes can't find nested objects in current class
  • KT-54500 Private type aliases can be referenced from public declarations, but are stripped by jvm-abi-gen
Tools. Compiler plugins. Serialization
  • KT-56738 Unexpected SERIALIZER_NOT_FOUND when compiling against binary with enum
  • KT-56990 "AssertionError: SyntheticAccessorLowering should not attempt to modify other files" in kotlinx-serialization using @Serializer and List argument
  • KT-54441 Prohibit implicit serializer customization via companion object
  • KT-49983 Implement prototype of kotlinx.serialization for K2 compiler
  • KT-48733 "AssertionError: Unexpected IR element found during code generation" caused by Serialization and annotation with default parameter
  • KT-54297 Regression in serializable classes with star projections
Tools. Gradle
New Features
  • KT-54691 Kotlin Gradle Plugin libraries alignment platform
  • KT-54492 Send gradle build errors from idea
  • KT-55540 Add compilation speed metric in build reports
  • KT-55541 Validate FUS metrics values on Gradle side
Performance Improvements
  • KT-54836 Kotlin/JVM Gradle plugin creates task eagerly on Gradle 7.3+
  • KT-55995 Add ability to perform precise compilation task outputs backup
  • KT-54579 Kapt tasks slow down significantly on Windows when running with JDK 17 compared to JDK 11
  • KT-54588 KotlinCompile: Avoid calling FileCollection.getFiles() multiple times
  • KT-57296 Build statistics sending errors in case of buildSrc directory usage with kotlin-dsl plugin applied
  • KT-56645 Gradle: KGP reports an incorrect resources processing task name for JVM projects
  • KT-55824 Deprecate commonMain.dependsOn(anything) in user scripts
  • KT-56221 Gradle KTS: False positive Val cannot be reassigned when using an extension and its property with an implicit set operator
  • KT-55452 Values of the compiler arguments set via KotlinCompile task configuration are duplicated by the KaptGenerateStubs task
  • KT-55565 Consider de-duping or blocking standard addition of freeCompilerArgs to KaptGenerateStubsTask
  • KT-55632 'The configuration :kotlinCompilerClasspath is both consumable and declarable' messages are displayed in logs for different types of projects for KotlinCompile task with gradle 8
  • KT-56414 Dependency locking and failed builds with Kotlin 1.8.10
  • KT-52625 Compatibility with Gradle 7.4 release
  • KT-55544 Gradle: add more debugging information for finding usages of kotlinOptions.freeCompilerArgs
  • KT-52149 Gradle: declare shared build services usages with Task#usesService
  • KT-55323 Gradle: allow to opt-out of reporting compiler arguments to a http statistics service
  • KT-53811 Compatibility with Gradle 7.6 release
  • KT-52998 Compatibility with Gradle 7.5 release
  • KT-55741 Gradle 8: Build service '' is being used by task '' without the corresponding declaration via 'Task#usesService'.
  • KT-55174 KotlinCompile task produces deprecation "Build service 'variant_impl_factories_...' is being used by task"
  • KT-54425 Kotlin Gradle Plugin should not use deprecated UsageContext#getUsage()
  • KT-54998 "kotlin.gradle.performance" FUS collector reports data twice
  • KT-55520 Add required configuration for Kotlin Gradle Plugin API reference publication
  • KT-52963 Build report code breaks Gradle project isolation.
  • KT-55164 KGP: "Cannot access project ':' from project ':list'" JVM - Project Isolation with Multi Modules and Configuration Cache fails
  • KT-52490 Gradle: [org.jetbrains.kotlin.gradle.testing.internal] TestReport.destinationDir and TestReport.reportOn deprecation warnings
  • KT-55000 Include information about the new IC into "kotlin.gradle.performance" FUS collector
  • KT-54941 Gradle, Daemon, MacOS M1: "Native integration is not available for Mac OS X aarch64" on first build
  • KT-45748 Migrate all Kotlin Gradle plugin Android tests to new test setup
  • KT-54029 Validate Binary Compatibility for kotlin-gradle-plugin-api
Tools. Gradle. Cocoapods
  • KT-41830 CocoaPods integration: Support link-only mode for pods
  • KT-55117 PodGenTask doesn't declare ouputs properly
  • KT-55243 Gradle 7.6: Cocoapods plugin generates invalid podspec when applied in root project
  • KT-56304 Podspec generated with new K/N artifact DSL contains wrong artifact names for static and dynamic libraries
  • KT-56298 Assemble tasks for native binaries fail if more than one kotlin artifact is declared in one gradle project
  • KT-55801 Deprecate useLibraries
  • KT-55790 Improper sdk selected for watchosDeviceArm64 target
Tools. Gradle. JS
New Features
  • KT-25878 Provide Option to Define Scoped NPM Package
  • KT-37759 [Gradle, JS] Support arguments of command line for webpack and nodejs task
  • KT-33518 Allow specifying command line args for node in nodejs or mocha tests
  • KT-46163 KJS / Ktor: Support run on the next free port if default one is occupied
Performance Improvements
  • KT-55476 KotlinWebpack should be cacheable
  • KT-39108 Kotlin multiplatform plugin targeting js takes too long compared to the old kotlin-frontend plugin
  • KT-45411 Investigate memory consumption in npm package
  • KT-51376 KJS / Gradle: Dukat tasks make impact on build time even if there's no npm dependencies
  • KT-57285 KJS / Gradle / MPP: FileNotFoundException on publishing empty KJS sourceset
  • KT-57068 KJS / Gradle: "Unable to find method 'kotlin.gradle.targets.js.dsl.KotlinJsBrowserDsl.testTask'" after updating to 1.8.20-Beta
  • KT-54445 KJS Remove dukat integration
  • KT-56999 K/JS: KotlinJsIrLink::rootCacheDirectory property must be public
  • KT-56765 K/JS: Several binaries use same cache directory
  • KT-54529 KJS / IR: generate typescript definitions only on explicit Gradle action
  • KT-56488 Debugger won't stop on breakpoints of JS browser test
  • KT-56719 KJS / Gradle: Compile sync task has to sync only changed files
  • KT-56131 KJS / Gradle: Could not create an instance of type org.jetbrains.kotlin.gradle.targets.js.subtargets.KotlinNodeJs when task configuration avoidance is broken
  • KT-37668 Kotlin/JS: nodeTest failure due to main() function fail is reported as "BUILD SUCCESSFUL"
  • KT-35285 Kotlin/JS + Gradle: browserDevelopementWebpack and browserProductionWebpack could write to different locations
  • KT-55593 KotlinJsCompilerType and KotlinJsCompilerTypeHolder LEGACY and BOTH constants should be marked as @Deprecated in 1.8
  • KT-33291 JS: No build result with gradle parallel build in multiproject build
  • KT-40925 KJS: need a way to configure extra environment variables for the test task
  • KT-47236 KJS: kotlinNpmInstall fails if no yarn is downloaded
  • KT-53288 KJS / Gradle: FileNotFoundException when customising moduleName
  • KT-54511 Kotlin/JS generated package.json main field is not correctly set if module name contains a / (slash)
  • KT-54421 KJS / Legacy: Kotlin 1.7.20 fails when running tests on Node 14
  • KT-54503 Make the target observer API public in kotlin JS Extension
  • KT-54418 KJS: Change test running with kotlin-test adapter
  • KT-54132 KJS IR: Sometimes karma failed on teamcity because of uninitialized browser
Tools. Gradle. Multiplatform
New Features
  • KT-54766 TCS: external Android Target APIs: Milestone: Compile
  • KT-50967 Make c-interop libs resolve robust to build clean
  • KT-53570 multiplatform 'natural hierarchy' prototype
  • KT-36943 Gradle Plugin (multiplatform) - Consider publishing a 'sourcesElements' variant for the sources.jar
  • KT-57460 Kotlin Gradle Plugin: Null this pointer in transformCommonMainDependenciesMetadata
  • KT-57306 [Kotlin 1.8.20-RC] GradleException: Could not load the value of field apiConfiguration of org.jetbrains.kotlin.gradle.plugin.mpp.compilationImpl.DefaultKotlinCompilationConfigurationsContainer
  • KTIJ-23750 KotlinMppModelSerializationService is not invoked in production environment
  • KTIJ-24223 Update latest tested KGP version to 1.9.0-dev-764
  • KT-56536 Multiplatform: Composite build fails on included build with !=
  • KTIJ-23889 TCS: Gradle Sync: Match sources.jar dependencies to sourceSetName scoped dependencies
  • KT-56729 commonizeCInterop: Duplicated libraries: co.touchlab:sqliter-driver-cinterop-sqlite3
  • KT-56510 Import with included plugin build may fail with OverlappingFileLockException during commonizeNativeDistribution
  • KT-54180 TCS: Initial external Android Target APIs
  • KT-55010 TCS: External Android Target Prototype: Setup Android dependencies
  • KT-54783 KotlinJvmWithJavaCompilation mututal .all listener loop creates two compilations
  • KT-54867 KotlinWithJavaCompilation does not respect javaSourceSet classpaths
  • KT-52413 MPP: Gradle dependency substitution breaks KMP import for native targets
  • KT-56115 Multiplatform;Composite Builds: Support import with cinterop commonization enabled
  • KT-54312 TCS: Replace CompilationDetails abstract class hierarchy by composable implementation
  • KT-47441 MPP: Unresolved reference for dependent on the other module with dependencySubstitution
  • KT-56429 Fix flaky: MppIdeDependencyResolutionIT.test cinterops - are stored in root gradle folder
  • KT-56337 Unable to import a project with cinterop with enableKgpDependencyResolution
  • KT-55873 Unrequested dependencies leaking into common source sets: Regression after 703fd0f
  • KT-55891 Deprecate pre-HMPP flags
  • KT-56278 TCS: Gradle Sync: [MISSING_DEPENDENCY_CLASS] on libraries used in shared native source sets
  • KT-56143 CInteropDependencyConfiguration and CInteropApiElementsConfiguration are missing attributes defined on target
  • KT-56285 TCS: Gradle Sync: IdeProjectToProjectCInteropDependencyResolver: Ensure lenient resolution
  • KT-56204 KotlinTargetHierarchy: Changing naming from 'any' to 'with' prefix
  • KT-56111 Multiplatform;Composite Builds: Clean builds fail on when 'hostSpecificMetadata' is required
  • KT-54974 TCS: Gradle Sync: Implement IdeKotlinDependencyResolvers
  • KT-38712 Gradle configuration's name with word "implementation" is camelcased to "İmplementation" if default locale is Turkish
  • KT-54975 TCS: Gradle Sync: Implement stdlib-common filter for platform source sets
  • KT-48839 Sources.jar of the root artifact of MPP library includes source files from test sourcesets
  • KT-55492 TCS: Gradle Sync: Sources and Documentation as extra 'classpath'
  • KT-55237 TCS: Gradle Sync: Support stdlib-native sources
  • KT-55475 TCS: Gradle Sync: Fine tune jvmAndAndroid source sets
  • KT-55189 TCS: Gradle Sync: Support icons (native, js) and global libraries
  • KT-55218 KotlinTargetHierarchy: Disambiguate declaring targets vs including targets
  • KT-55112 TCS: Gradle Sync: Resolve Source Dependencies
  • KT-54977 TCS: Gradle Sync: Implement debugging tools
  • KT-54948 TCS: Gradle Sync: Port IdeaKpmPlatformDependencyResolver to TCS
  • KT-55289 TCS: Gradle Sync: Prototypical sources jar resolution
  • KT-55238 TCS: Gradle Sync: Support commonized native distribution
  • KT-55230 Remove metadata dependencies transformation for runtimeOnly scope
  • KT-53338 Prettify the message about incompatible AGP and KGP versions
  • KT-55134 MPP / Gradle: Cannot read test tasks state
  • KT-54506 Test tasks are considered up-to-date after a failure when triggered by allTests
  • KTIJ-23509 Update latest tested KGP version to 1.8.20-dev-1815
  • KT-54787 Test tasks are not up-to-date when an individual test task called after aggregating test task
  • KT-54033 Multiplatform/Android Source Set Layout 1: Also support setting source dirs using AGP Apis
  • KT-54202 CInterop Commonization fails on first run when native distribution is not yet commonizied
  • KT-54135 Add documentation with examples to CompositeMetadataArtifact
Tools. Gradle. Native
  • KT-37051 MPP Gradle plugin: duplicated cinterop libraries in composite build
  • KT-55650 Pass through errors from Gradle to Xcode
  • KT-56205 Shared Native Compilation: False positive 'w: Could not find' warnings on metadata klibs
  • KT-54969 Support podspec generation for the new K/N artifact DSL
Tools. Incremental Compile
  • KT-55021 New IC: "The following LookupSymbols are not yet converted to programSymbols" when removing/renaming file facades
  • KTIJ-21161 Incremental build is taking too long when no files have changed in the project
  • KT-53832 Enable new incremental compilation by default in Gradle
  • KT-55622 MPP: Incremental compilation ignores changes in source set structure
  • KT-55309 IC: Get rid of NonCachingLazyStorage
  • KT-53402 Incremental compilation tries to compile resources
  • KT-54791 Incremental compilation in JPS broken in 1.8.20-dev-1815
Tools. JPS
  • KT-56165 Language version 1.9 and 2.0 is absent in Kotlin Compiler settings
  • KT-51536 [JPS] Recompile module on facet settings change
  • KT-53735 JPS / IC: "IOException: The system cannot find the file specified" on Windows
  • KT-47983 [JPS] Adding compilerSettings to Facet should initiate rebuild of module
  • KT-54449 Cyrillic characters in a filename break builds on linux
Tools. Kapt
New Features
  • KT-53135 Enable JVM IR for KAPT stub generation by default
  • KT-41129 kotlin-maven-plugin + kapt - allow aptMode to be set according to docs
  • KT-56635 KAPT / IR: "Unresolved reference: DaggerGeneratedCodeTest_AppComponent " caused by stub generation with Kotlin 1.8.20-Beta
  • KT-56360 Kapt with JVM IR changes fields order
  • KT-54380 Kapt / IR: Build failed when inheritance by functional interface with suspend modifier
  • KT-54245 JVM IR / Kapt / Serialization: NullPointerException in SerializableIrGenerator.kt
  • KT-33847 Kapt does not included Filer-generated class files on compilation classpath
  • KT-55490 Kapt + JVM IR: "annotation @Foo is missing default values"
  • KT-43786 KAPT: IllegalStateException: SimpleTypeImpl should not be created for error type: ErrorScope
  • KT-43117 Kapt: "System is already defined in this compilation unit"
  • KT-46966 Kapt: correctErrorTypes: receiver type is NonExistentClass
  • KT-46965 Kapt: correctErrorTypes: custom setter gets Object parameter type
  • KT-51087 KAPT: @JvmRepeatable annotations are present in inverse order in KAPT stubs
  • KT-54870 KAPT stub generation with JVM_IR backend throws exception for delegated properties
  • KT-44350 Kapt Gradle integration tests failing with Android Gradle plugin 7.0
  • KT-54030 Kapt: annotation processor warnings are displayed as errors on JDK 17+
  • KT-32596 kapt replaces class generated by annotation processor with error.NonExistentClass when the class is used as an annotation
  • KT-37586 KAPT: When delegated property use an unknown type (to-be-generated class), correctTypeError will mess up the $delegate field type
Tools. Maven
  • KT-56697 IC: "Incremental compilation was attempted but failed" Failed to get changed files: readPrevChunkAddress
  • KT-55709 Maven: "java.lang.reflect.InaccessibleObjectException: Unable to make field protected accessible"
  • KT-29346 Add components.xml to automatically compile kotlin maven projects
  • KT-13995 Maven: Kotlin compiler plugin should respect model's compile source roots
  • KT-54822 Maven: Too low-level error message "Parameter specified as non-null is null: method kotlin.text.StringsKt__StringsJVMKt.startsWith, parameter " from Kotlin Maven plugin invoking compiler when tags are empty
  • KT-47110 Disable jdk8-specific warnings in kotlin-maven-plugin
Tools. Scripts
  • KT-54095 It is difficult (if not impossible) to use kotlin compiler plugins with scripting
  • KT-54461 Warnings and stack traces when executing scripts via kotlin-maven-plugin
  • KT-54733 Scripts: ConcurrentModificationException in *.main.kts scripts
  • KT-53283 Scripts: main-kts JAR does not relocate embedded SLF4J and jsoup libraries


File Sha256 10df74c3c6e2eafd4c7a5572352d37cbe41774996e42de627023cb4c82b50ae4
kotlin-native-linux-x86_64-1.8.20.tar.gz 43d3f2149c4862b9b3ebf84a0f26912f2a587082d2858747564ffeafd2534438
kotlin-native-macos-x86_64-1.8.20.tar.gz e39e801eb8ae2e86a8fe0b5ee32535bf176fd284b6f6883a431cafbb27684055
kotlin-native-macos-aarch64-1.8.20.tar.gz becc0f4367ae8854f33546efff40767cc2cb227da0cd7935a9a6784e9a2736d2 5e25ef348e9eab9895f63047a3857b428dc977e81d22771a69d712500d7cf60a

v1.8.10: Kotlin 1.8.10


  • KT-55483 K2: Fir is not initialized for FirRegularClassSymbol java/lang/invoke/LambdaMetafactory
  • KT-55729 "None of the following functions can be called with the arguments supplied:" in 1.8.0
  • KT-55769 "ERROR: Could not find accessor": Android DataBinding fails with Kotlin 1.8.0
  • KT-55308 InnerClass attributes should be sorted (innermost last)
  • KT-56282 KJS: Invalidate incremental cache in case of compiler internal errors
  • KT-55852 JS: "IllegalStateException: Unexpected ir type argument" caused by List with star projection type
  • KT-55716 KJS / IC: "Cannot read properties of undefined" with overriding variables with 1.8.0
  • KT-55758 KJS / IR: Checking implemented interface on a class implementing a @​JsExport interface returns the wrong result
  • KT-56093 Metaspace leak in a Gradle plugin built with Kotlin 1.8.0
Tools. Compiler plugins. Serialization
  • KT-56347 [Kotlin 1.8] Regression kotlinx.serialization compiler plugin internal error
  • KT-55681 Serialization: NullPointerException after update to 1.8.0 caused by @Serializer(forClass= ..)
  • KT-56244 kotlinx.serialization compiler intrinsic does not work with encodeToString function in 1.8.0
  • KT-55683 Serialization: "IllegalStateException: Expected to have a primary constructor" with expect class and companion object
  • KT-55682 Serialization: "IllegalStateException: Function has no body: FUN name:serializer" with 1.8.0
Tools. Gradle
  • KT-55697 KGP 1.8.0 adds compileOnly dependencies to unit test compile classpath
Tools. Gradle. Multiplatform
  • KT-55730 MPP / Gradle: compileKotlinMetadata fails to resolve symbols in additional source sets
Tools. Gradle. Native
  • KT-56280 Gradle: freeCompilerArgs are no longer propagated from compilations to Native binaries
Tools. Kapt
  • KT-48013 Kapt generates illegal stubs for private interface methods


File Sha256 4c3fa7bc1bb9ef3058a2319d8bcc3b7196079f88e92fdcd8d304a46f4b6b5787
kotlin-native-linux-x86_64-1.8.10.tar.gz 4c5c8a82a63a3a9845be2514d536ca407340db7fc558b97c43ed003f866a9742
kotlin-native-macos-x86_64-1.8.10.tar.gz 52ea7cf2dfaae058fc00fc4e00ec89fefe5a7e4c83abeadb7531cc9346ff18db
kotlin-native-macos-aarch64-1.8.10.tar.gz 08cef514e9d582b0e7bcf3f592dd853270b535a4b765555db97381aeb8c92a85 e8b9a04f0df3cdec6fa360a6781723fc8551e93c70dfd1aaffbd282b7cddc19d


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