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Update dependency to v1.5.0

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change minor 1.4.0 -> 1.5.0

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What's new since 1.4.0

Other highlights

  • Badging
    • Added support for differing offsets for badges with/without text, and support for badge width and padding in styles. (bd4914d)
  • BottomAppBar
    • Added attr to set the color of navigation icon. (0ed7c76)
    • Added support for showing/hiding immediately (34740b6)
  • BottomNavigationView
    • Updated to explicitly read and set minimum height. (943c4f0)
  • BottomSheet
    • Added maxHeight to bottom sheet behavior (a38d2d8)
  • Chip
    • Fixed icon tint states are not updated after setting new icon (c08a07d)
  • CollapsingToolbarLayout
    • Added option to add extra height when title text spans across multiple lines (655dde0)
    • Added option to force always applying system window inset top regardless of layout_height (9ebf1a1)
    • Fixed multiline RTL collapsed title text position (af35dfb)
    • Added support for expanded and collapsed title text color attributes (5c14772)
    • Fixed RTL text only laying out as RTL when actual text is RTL (841f229)
    • Added title line spacing and hyphenation frequency setters (f0ce498)
    • Added support for multiline RTL when using fade title mode (f0ac362)
    • Updated default multiline hyphenation frequency to StaticLayout.HYPHENATION_FREQUENCY_NORMAL (3ad232d)
  • MaterialButton
    • Updated Material Button style to set the preferred maximum width to 320dp. (c5c7a74)
    • Fixed MaterialButton lollipop shape issue (153fdee)
  • MaterialDatePicker
    • Avoided NPE caused by getSelection() before created (cb5d622)
    • Fixed opening at the selected date in the end month (eb7b114)
    • Fixed DatePicker crashes and and potential issue of range selection (281688a)
    • Fixed excessive whitespace (8fda897)
  • Snackbar
    • Handled anchor view properly so no memory leak will happen (58ceeab)
    • Fixed memory leak caused by not resetting anchor views (b0558dc)
    • Fixed maxWidth and maxInlineActionWidth are not applied (8729d8a, 15e2254)
  • TextInputLayout
    • Applied tint when setting start icons (4044183)
    • Made clear text icon focusable (8a4f42a)
    • Added a fade transition to placeholder TextView's appear and disappear. (c92e693)
    • Fixed cutout padding so text field outline doesn't overlap collapsed hint. (87b50c6)
  • TimePicker
    • Hid cancel button when it's not cancelable (35c2af3)
    • Updated accessibility event sending when updating input mode (00c0df9)
    • Added ability to customize positive and negative button (168c691)

Dependency Updates

Dependency Previous version New version
compileSdkVersion 30 31
targetSdkVersion 29 31
androidx.annotation 1.0.1 1.2.0
androidx.drawerlayout N/A 1.1.1

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