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A tribute to our awesome contributors
.. image::
:alt: Built with Cookiecutter Django
:License: GPLv3
- have a log of contributions happening in various area:
- Gitlab: MR, comments
- Weblate: translations (comments?)
- Financial contributions (open collective)
- Opened instances
- Other contributions: blog entries, comunication around the project, third party-project, support, whatever
- store a list of tasks awaiting contributions
- provide easy and clear instructions on how to contribute (for each type of contributions)
- model:
- Contributor table: contributor id, name, links to contributions platforms, creation_date, is_visible
- Contribution table: id, platform id, json metadata, url, creation_date, import_date, is_visible, title, type
- Task table: id, type, name, url,
Moved to settings_.
.. _settings:
Basic Commands
Setting Up Your Users
* To create a **normal user account**, just go to Sign Up and fill out the form. Once you submit it, you'll see a "Verify Your E-mail Address" page. Go to your console to see a simulated email verification message. Copy the link into your browser. Now the user's email should be verified and ready to go.
* To create an **superuser account**, use this command::
$ python createsuperuser
For convenience, you can keep your normal user logged in on Chrome and your superuser logged in on Firefox (or similar), so that you can see how the site behaves for both kinds of users.
Type checks
Running type checks with mypy:
$ mypy contributions
Test coverage
To run the tests, check your test coverage, and generate an HTML coverage report::
$ coverage run -m pytest
$ coverage html
$ open htmlcov/index.html
Running tests with py.test
$ pytest
Live reloading and Sass CSS compilation
Moved to `Live reloading and SASS compilation`_.
.. _`Live reloading and SASS compilation`:
The following details how to deploy this application.
See detailed `cookiecutter-django Docker documentation`_.
.. _`cookiecutter-django Docker documentation`:
# local env files
# Log files
# Editor directories and files
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