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chore(deps): update dependency djlint to v1.32.1

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
djlint dev-dependencies minor 1.30.2 -> 1.32.1

Release Notes

Riverside-Healthcare/djlint (djlint)


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Bug Fixes


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Bug Fixes
  • formatter: fixed formatting on chained function (7c2756d), closes #​704
  • linter: fixed false positive on h026 data-id (400882a), closes #​711
  • linter: fixed golang false positive on T027 (232f4bc), closes #​712
  • formatter: added support for jazzband's sorl-thumbnail tags (86122dc), closes #​714


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Bug Fixes
  • formatter: fixed formatter formatting ignored code (5c75d87), closes #​655
  • formatter: fixed function formatting with nested quoted parenthesis (6d63a6a), closes #​698
  • formatter: fixed overgrabbing on template tag condensing (75c3134), closes #​686
  • formatter: function index was not formatted correctly (a197200), closes #​693


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Bug Fixes
  • formatter: fixed line_break_after_multiline_tag to force break in all cases (3b37ec8), closes #​680
  • formatter: fixed isolated quotes being deleted from attributes (19425f9), closes #​652
  • formatter: fixed wild match on template tags (d288b78), closes #​686
  • linter: fixed false positive on t001 (1caf4c4), closes #​606
  • formatter: added max-blank-lines flag to consolidate blank lines (4a7897f), closes #​675
  • formatter: added support for symphony forms (e716ddc), closes #​476


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