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chore(deps): update dependency djlint to v1.23.3

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/djlint-1.x into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
djlint dev-dependencies minor 1.19.16 -> 1.23.3

Release Notes



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Bug Fixes


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Bug Fixes
  • blocktrans: fix issue with back to back blocktrans formatting (703e176), closes #​600


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Bug Fixes
  • yaml: fixed conflict with yaml and preserve_blank_lines option (b89fb07), closes #​596


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  • formatter: will now attempt to fix case on known html tags by default, can be disabled (fb1f6eb), closes #​589


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  • whitespace: improved whitespace handling on tag closing bracket (53d9b29), closes #​582


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  • linter: added rule H036. Avoid use of
    tags. Disabled by default (cefa840), closes #​571


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  • linter: added option to disable rules by default. Split H017 and disabled by default (2dd3675), closes #​372
  • yaml: added line break after yaml front matter (1b1cff3), closes #​584


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Bug Fixes
  • blocktrans: allowed closing transblocks to be indented if they have a leading space (d667273)
  • custom tags: fixed issue where end tag for custom block was not de-indented (fb8bf5e), closes #​572
  • ignored code: fixed formatting of ignore code inside django comment blocks (120460d), closes #​569
  • linter: linter will now ignore {% raw %} {% endraw %} blocks (2a6865e), closes #​539
  • max line length: fixes issues around max line length not fully respected on indented lines (1ec6b29), closes #​580
  • preserving space: misc improvements for the preserve leading space option (03ee6f0), closes #​566


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