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Documented which Subsonic endpoints are implemented (#575)
Developpers documentation
This documentation is targeted primarily at developpers who want to understand
how Funkwhale work and how to build apps that integrate with Funkwhale's ecosystem.
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 2
Subsonic API
Funkwhale implements a subset of the `Subsonic API <>`_ that makes it compatible
with various apps in the Subsonic ecosystem (See :doc:`../users/apps`).
Supported endpoints
We seek the best compatibility with existing apps and wil eventually implement
all endpoints that match Funkwhale's feature set. However, the current implementation
do not include folder-based endpoints, as it does not match our internal model at all
and will require substantial effort to emulate.
We'll try to keep this list up-to-date, but you can also browse `the relevant code
if needed.
As of today, the following endpoints are implemented:
- createPlaylist
- deletePlaylist
- getAlbum
- getAlbumList2
- getArtist
- getArtistInfo2
- getArtists
- getAvatar
- getCoverArt
- getIndexes
- getLicense
- getMusicFolders
- getPlaylist
- getPlaylists
- getRandomSongs
- getSong
- getStarred
- getStarred2
- getUser
- ping
- scrobble
- search3
- star
- stream
- unstar
- updatePlaylist
We support both XML and JSON formats for all those endpoints.
Additional properties
Regardless of the endpoints, we always return those additional properties
in our payload, which you can use to adapt your client behaviour if needed:
.. code-block:: json
"subsonic-response": {
"type": "funkwhale",
"funkwhaleVersion": "0.17"
Testing a Subsonic app
We maintain a demo server at, which you can use for
your tests. Example with the ping endpoint:
......@@ -19,8 +19,7 @@ Funkwhale is a self-hosted, modern free and open-source music server, heavily in
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