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  • 1.2.0
    742f843c · Bump version ·
  • 1.2.0-rc2
  • 1.2.0-rc1
  • 1.2.0-testing4
    Another tag to test the docker arm builds
  • 1.2.0-testing3
    5b1deb29 · Specify build platforms ·
    Another tag to test the docker arm builds
  • 1.2.0-testing2
    851d93e4 · Fix tag regexes ·
    Another tag to test the docker arm builds
  • 1.2.0-testing
    This is just to test if the Pipeline builds the correct image.
  • 1.1.4
  • 1.1.3
  • 1.1.2
  • 1.1.1
  • 1.1
  • 1.1-rc2
  • 1.1-rc1
  • 1.0.1
  • 1.0
    1.0 (2020-09-09)
    Upgrade instructions are available at
    Dropped python 3.5 support [manual action required, non-docker only]
    With Funkwhale 1.0, we're dropping support for Python 3.5. Before upgrading,
    ensure ``python3 --version`` returns ``3.6`` or higher.
    If it returns ``3.6`` or higher, you have nothing to do.
    If it returns ``3.5``, you will need to upgrade your Python version/Host, then recreate your virtual environment::
        rm -rf /srv/funkwhale/virtualenv
        python3 -m venv /srv/funkwhale/virtualenv
    Increased quality of JPEG thumbnails [manual action required]
    Default quality for JPEG thumbnails was increased from 70 to 95, as 70 was producing visible artifacts in resized images.
    Because of this change, existing thumbnails will not load, and you will need to:
    1. delete the ``__sized__`` directory in your ``MEDIA_ROOT`` directory
    2. run ``python fw media generate-thumbnails`` to regenerate thumbnails with the enhanced quality
    If you don't want to regenerate thumbnails, you can keep the old ones by adding ``THUMBNAIL_JPEG_RESIZE_QUALITY=70`` to your .env file.
    Small API breaking change in ``/api/v1/libraries``
    To allow easier crawling of public libraries on a pod,we had to make a slight breaking change
    to the behaviour of ``GET /api/v1/libraries``.
    Before, it returned only libraries owned by the current user.
    Now, it returns all the accessible libraries (including ones from other users and pods).
    If you are consuming the API via a third-party client and need to retrieve your libraries,
    use the ``scope`` parameter, like this: ``GET /api/v1/libraries?scope=me``
    API breaking change in ``/api/v1/albums``
    To increase performance, querying ``/api/v1/albums`` doesn't return album tracks anymore. This caused
    some performance issues, especially as some albums and series have dozens or even hundreds of tracks.
    If you want to retrieve tracks for an album, you can query ``/api/v1/tracks/?album=<albumid>``.
    JWT deprecation
    API Authentication using JWT is deprecated and will be removed in Funkwhale 1.0. Please use OAuth or application tokens
    and refer to our API documentation at for guidance.
    Full list of changes
    - Allow users to hide compilation artists on the artist search page (#1053)
    - Can now launch server import from the UI (#1105)
    - Dedicated, advanced search page (#370)
    - Persist theme and language settings accross sessions (#996)
    - Add support for unauthenticated users hitting the logout page
    - Added support for Licence Art Libre (#1088)
    - Broadcast/handle rejected follows (#858)
    - Confirm email without requiring the user to validate the form manually (#407)
    - Display channel and track downloads count (#1178)
    - Do not include tracks in album API representation (#1102)
    - Dropped python 3.5 support. Python 3.6 is the minimum required version (#1099)
    - Improved keyboard accessibility (#1125)
    - Improved naming of pages for accessibility (#1127)
    - Improved shuffle behaviour (#1190)
    - Increased quality of JPEG thumbnails
    - Lock focus in modals to improve accessibility (#1128)
    - More consistent search UX on /albums, /artists, /radios and /playlists (#1131)
    - Play button now replace current queue instead of appending to it (#1083)
    - Set proper lang attribute on HTML document (#1130)
    - Use semantic headers for accessibility (#1121)
    - Users can now update their email address (#292)
    - [plugin, scrobbler] Use API v2 for scrobbling if API key and secret are provided
    - Added a new, large thumbnail size for cover images (#1205
    - Enforce authentication when viewing remote channels, profiles and libraries (#1210)
    - Fix broken media support detection (#1180)
    - Fix layout issue with playbar on landscape tablets (#1144)
    - Fix random radio so that podcast content is not picked up (#1140)
    - Fixed an issue with search pages where results would not appear after navigating to another page
    - Fixed crash with negative track position in file tags (#1193)
    - Handle access errors scanning directories when importing files
    - Make channel card updated times more humanly readable, add internationalization (#1089)
    - Ensure search page reloads if another search is submitted in the sidebar (#1197)
    - Fixed "scope=subscribed" on albums, artists, uploads and libraries API (#1217)
    - Fixed broken federation with pods using allow-listing (#1999)
    - Fixed broken search when using (, " or & chars (#1196)
    - Fixed domains table hidden controls when no domains are found (#1198)
    - Simplify Docker mono-container installation and upgrade documentation
    Contributors to this release (translation, development, documentation, reviews, design, testing, third-party projects):
    - Agate
    - Andy Craze
    - anonymous
    - appzer0
    - Arne
    - Bheesham Persaud
    - Ciarán Ainsworth
    - Creak
    - Daniele Lira Mereb
    - dulz
    - Francesc Galí
    - ghose
    - mekind
    - Puri
    - Quentin PAGÈS
    - Raphaël Ventura
    - Simon Arlott
    - Slimane Selyan Amiri
    - Stefano Pigozzi
    - Sébastien de Melo
    - vicdorke
    - Xosé M
  • 1.0-rc1
  • 0.21.2
    0.21.2 (2020-07-27)
    Upgrade instructions are available at
    - Added a new ?related=obj_id filter for artists, albums and tracks, based on tags
    - Can now filter subscribed content through API (#1116)
    - Support ordering=random for artists, albums, tracks and channels endpoints (#1145)
    - Use role=alert on forms/toast message to improve accessibility (#1134)
    - Fix embedded player not working on channel serie/album (#1175)
    - Fixed broken mimetype detection during import (#1165)
    - Fixed crash when loading recent albums via Subsonic (#1158)
    - Fixed crash with null help text in admin (#1161)
    - Fixed invalid metadata when importing multi-artists tracks/albums (#1104)
    - Fixed player crash when using Funkwhale as a PWA (#1157)
    - Fixed wrong covert art displaying in some situations (#1138)
    - Make channel card updated times more humanly readable, add internationalization (#1089)
    Contributors to this release (development, documentation, reviews):
    - Agate
    - Bheesham Persaud
    - Ciarán Ainsworth
  • 0.21.1
  • 0.21
    0.21 "Agate" (2020-04-24)
    This 0.21 release is dedicated to Agate, to thank her, for both having created the Funkwhale project, being the current lead developer, and for her courage of coming out. Thank you Agate from all the members of the Funkwhale community <3
    We are truly grateful as well to the dozens of people who contributed to this release with translations, development, documentation, reviews, design, testing, feedback, financial support, third-party projects and integrations… You made it possible!
    Upgrade instructions are available at, there are also additional operations you need to execute, listed in the changelog below (search "Manual action").
    Channels and podcasts
    Funkwhale 0.21 includes a brand new feature: Channels!
    Channels can be used as a replacement to public libraries,
    to publish audio content, both musical and non-musical. They federate with other Funkwhale pods, but also other
    fediverse software, in particular Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica and Reel2Bits, meaning people can subscribe to your channel
    from any of these software. To get started with publication, simply visit your profile and create a channel from there.
    Each Funkwhale channel also comes with RSS feed that is compatible with existing podcasting applications, like AntennaPod
    on Android and, within Funkwhale, you can also subscribe to any podcast from its RSS feed!
    Many, many thanks to the numerous people who helped with the feature design, development and testing, and in particular
    to the members of the working group who met every week for months in order to get this done, and the members of other third-party
    projects who took the time to work with us to ensure compatibility.
    Redesigned navigation, player and queue
    This release includes a full redesign of our navigation, player and queue. Overall, it should provide
    a better, less confusing experience, especially on mobile devices. This redesign was suggested
    14 months ago, and took a while, but thanks to the involvement and feedback of many people, we got it done!
    Improved search bar for searching remote objects
    The search bar now support fetching arbitrary objects using a URL. In particular, you can use this to quickly:
    - Subscribe to a remote library via its URL
    - Listen a public track from another pod
    - Subscribe to a channel
    Screening for sign-ups and custom sign-up form
    Instance admins can now configure their pod so that registrations required manual approval from a moderator. This
    is especially useful on private or semi-private pods where you don't want to close registrations completely,
    but don't want spam or unwanted users to join your pod.
    When this is enabled and a new user register, their request is put in a moderation queue, and moderators
    are notified by email. When the request is approved or refused, the user is also notified by email.
    In addition, it's also possible to customize the sign-up form by:
    - Providing a custom help text, in markdown format
    - Including additional fields in the form, for instance to ask the user why they want to join. Data collected through these fields is included in the sign-up request and viewable by the mods
    Federated reports
    It's now possible to send a copy of a report to the server hosting the reported object, in order to make moderation easier and more distributed.
    This feature is inspired by Mastodon's current design, and should work with at least Funkwhale and Mastodon servers.
    Improved search performance
    Our search engine went through a full rewrite to make it faster. This new engine is enabled
    by default when using the search bar, or when searching for artists, albums and tracks. It leverages
    PostgreSQL full-text search capabilities.
    During our tests, we observed huge performance improvements after the switch, by an order of
    magnitude. This should be especially perceptible on pods with large databases, more modest hardware
    or hard drives.
    We plan to remove the old engine in an upcoming release. In the meantime, if anything goes wrong,
    you can switch back by setting ``USE_FULL_TEXT_SEARCH=false`` in your ``.env`` file.
    Enforced email verification
    The brand new ``ACCOUNT_EMAIL_VERIFICATION_ENFORCE`` setting can be used to make email verification
    mandatory for your users. It defaults to ``false``, and doesn't apply to superuser accounts created through
    the CLI.
    If you enable this, ensure you have a SMTP server configured too.
    More reliable CLI importer [manual action required]
    Our CLI importer is now more reliable and less prone to Out-of-Memory issues, especially when scanning large libraries. (hundreds of GB or bigger)
    We've also improved the directory crawling logic, so that you don't have to use glob patterns or specify extensions when importing. As a result, the syntax for providing directories to the command as changed slightly.
    If you use the ``import_files`` command, this means you should replace scripts that look like this::
        python api/ import_files $LIBRARY_ID "/srv/funkwhale/data/music/**/*.ogg" "/srv/funkwhale/data/music/**/*.mp3" --recursive --noinput
    By this::
        python api/ import_files $LIBRARY_ID "/srv/funkwhale/data/music/" --recursive --noinput
    And Funkwhale will happily import any supported audio file from the specified directory.
    User management through the server CLI
    We now support user creation (incl. non-admin accounts), update and removal directly
    from the server CLI. Typical use cases include:
    - Changing a user password from the command line
    - Creating or updating users from deployments scripts or playbooks
    - Removing or granting permissions or upload quota to multiple users at once
    - Marking multiple users as inactive
    All user-related commands are available under the ``python fw users`` namespace.
    Please refer to the `Admin documentation <>`_ for
    more information and instructions.
    Progressive web app [Manual action suggested, non-docker only]
    We've made Funkwhale's Web UI a Progressive Web Application (PWA), in order to improve the user experience
    during offline use, and on mobile devices.
    In order to fully benefit from this change, if your pod isn't deployed using Docker, ensure
    the following instruction is present in your nginx configuration::
        location /front/ {
            # Add the following line in the /front/ location
            add_header Service-Worker-Allowed "/";
    Postgres docker changed environment variable [manual action required, docker multi-container only]
    If you're running with docker and our multi-container setup, there was a breaking change starting in the 11.7 postgres image (
    You need to add this to your .env file: ``POSTGRES_HOST_AUTH_METHOD=trust``
    Newer deployments aren't affected.
    Upgrade from Postgres 10 to 11 [manual action required, docker all-in-one only]
    With our upgrade to Alpine 3.10, the ``funkwhale/all-in-one`` image now includes PostgreSQL 11.
    In order to update to Funkwhale 0.21, you will first need to uprade Funkwhale's PostgreSQL database, following the steps below::
        # open a shell as the Funkwhale user
        sudo -u funkwhale -H bash
        # move to the funkwhale data directory
        # (replace this with your own if you used a different path)
        cd /srv/funkwhale/data
        # stop the funkwhale container
        docker stop funkwhale
        # backup the database files
        cp -r data/ ../postgres.bak
        # Upgrade the database
        docker run --rm \
            -v $(pwd)/data:/var/lib/postgresql/10/data \
            -v $(pwd)/upgraded-postgresql:/var/lib/postgresql/11/data \
            -e PGUSER=funkwhale \
            -e POSTGRES_INITDB_ARGS="-U funkwhale --locale C --encoding UTF8" \
        # replace the Postgres 10 files with Postgres 11 files
        mv data/ postgres-10
        mv upgraded-postgresql/ data
    Once you have completed the Funkwhale upgrade with our regular instructions and everything works properly,
    you can remove the backups/old files::
        sudo -u funkwhale -H bash
        cd /srv/funkwhale/data
        rm -rf ../postgres.bak
        rm -rf postgres-10
    Full list of changes
    - Support for publishing and subscribing to podcasts (#170)
    - Brand new navigation, queue and player redesign (#594)
    - Can now browse a library content through the UI (#926)
    - Federated reports (#1038)
    - Screening for sign-ups (#1040)
    - Make it possible to enforce email verification (#1039)
    - Added a new radio based on another user listenings (#1060)
    - User management through the server CLI
    - Added ability to reject library follows from notifications screen (#859)
    - Added periodic background task and CLI command to associate genre tags to artists and albums based on identical tags found on corresponding tracks (#988)
    - Added support for CELERYD_CONCURRENCY env var to control the number of worker processes (#997)
    - Added the ability to sort albums by release date (#1013)
    - Added two new radios to play your own content or a given library tracks
    - Advertise list of known nodes on /api/v1/federation/domains and in nodeinfo if stats sharing is enabled
    - Changed footer to use instance name if available, and append ellipses if instance URL/Name is too long (#1012)
    - Favor local uploads when playing a track with multiple uploads (#1036)
    - Include only local content in nodeinfo stats, added downloads count
    - Make media and static files serving more reliable when reverse proxy X_FORWARDED_* headers are incorrect (#947)
    - Order the playlist columns by modification date in the Browse tab (#775)
    - Reduced size of funkwhale/funkwhale docker images thanks to multi-stage builds (!1042)
    - Remember display settings in Album, Artist, Radio and Playlist views (#391)
    - Removed unnecessary "Federation music needs approval" setting (#959)
    - Replaced our slow research logic by PostgreSQL full-text search (#994)
    - Support autoplay when loading embed frame from Mastodon and third-party websites (#1041)
    - Support filtering playlist by name and several additional UX improvements in playlists modal (#974)
    - Support modifying album cover art through the web UI (#588)
    - Use a dedicated scope for throttling subsonic to avoid intrusive rate-limiting
    - Use same markdown widget for all content fields (rules, description, reports, notes, etc.)
    - CLI Importer is now more reliable and less resource-hungry on large libraries
    - Add support custom domain for S3 storage
    - Better placeholders for channels when there are no episodes or series
    - Updated documentation for 0.21 release
    - Improved performance and error handling when fetching remote attachments
    - Added missing manuallyApprovesFollowers entry in JSON-LD contexts (#961)
    - Fix issue with browser shortcuts such as search and focus URL not being recognised (#340, #985)
    - Fixed admin dropdown not showing after login (#1042)
    - Fixed an issue with celerybeat container failing to restart (#1004)
    - Fixed invalid displayed number of tracks in playlist (#986)
    - Fixed issue with recent results not being loaded from the API (#948)
    - Fixed issue with sorting by album name not working (#960)
    - Fixed short audio glitch when switching switching to another track with player paused (#970)
    - Improved deduplication logic to prevent skipped files during import (#348, #474, #557, #740, #928)
    - More resilient tag parsing with empty release date or album artist (#1037)
    - More robust importer against malformed dates (#966)
    - Removed "nodeinfo disabled" setting, as nodeinfo is required for the UI to work (#982)
    - Replaced PDF icon by List icon in playlist placeholder (#943)
    - Resolve an issue where disc numbers were not taken into consideration when playing an album from the album card (#1006)
    - Set correct size for album covers in playlist cards (#680)
    - Remove double spaces in ChannelForm
    - Deduplicate tags in Audio ActivityPub representation
    - Add support custom domain for S3 storage
    - Fix #1079: fixed z-index issues with dropdowns (#1079 and #1075)
    - Exclude external podcasts from library home
    - Fixed broken channel save when description is too long
    - Fixed 500 error when federation is disabled and application+json is requested
    - Fixed minor subsonic API crash
    - Fixed broken local profile page when allow-list is enabled
    - Fixed issue with confirmation email not sending when signup-approval was enabled
    - Ensure 0 quota on user is honored
    - Fixed attachments URL not honoring media URL
    - Fix grammar in msg string in TrackBase.vue
    - Fix typo in SubscribeButton.vue
    - Arabic
    - Catalan
    - English (United Kingdom)
    - German
    - Hungarian
    - Japanese
    - Occitan
    - Portuguese (Brazil)
    - Russian
    Contributors to this release (translation, development, documentation, reviews, design, testing, third-party projects):
    - Agate
    - annando
    - Anton Strömkvist
    - Audrey
    - ButterflyOfFire
    - Ciarán Ainsworth
    - Creak
    - Daniele Lira Mereb
    - dashie
    - Eloisa
    - eorn
    - Francesc Galí
    - gerhardbeck
    - GinnyMcQueen
    - guillermau
    - Haelwenn
    - jinxx
    - Jonathan Aylard
    - Keunes
    - M.G
    - marzzzello
    - Mathé Grievink
    - Mélanie Chauvel
    - Mjourdan
    - Morgan Kesler
    - Noe Gaumont
    - Noureddine HADDAG
    - Ollie
    - Peter Wickenberg
    - Quentin PAGÈS
    - Renon
    - Satsuki Yanagi
    - Shlee
    - SpcCw
    - techknowlogick
    - ThibG
    - Tony Wasserka
    - unklebonehead
    - wakest
    - wxcafé
    - Xaloc
    - Xosé M