• Tartarus was released last year and is the most difficult level. This level has been completed only 8 times. These are the top Geometry Dash users. Deadlocked in geometry dash is the most difficult level. Deadlocked, when compared to Tartarus can be described as beating a level that has no spikes. Geometry Dash is difficult for everyone, as players who have defeated Tartarus have had trouble doing so.

    It is initially quite difficult but you can improve your skills with practice. Only 9 months have passed and I've already defeated 10 "Demon", the highest level of the game. As you practice more, the game seems to become easier. Note: While some levels were difficult to beat, it took me 4000 to get them done. However, with perseverance, I was able finish them. Others have failed to beat it despite trying over 50000 times.

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  • Currently, downloading videos from TikTok without a watermark is a violation of TikTok's usage policy, word wipe as the content on TikTok belongs to the user who created it and is not allowed to be distributed or reused without the author's consent.

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