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0.5 (2018-02-24)

- Front: Now reset player colors when track has no cover (#46)
- Front: play button now disabled for unplayable tracks
- API: You can now enable or disable registration on the fly, via a preference (#58)
- Front: can now signup via the web interface (#35)
- Front: Fixed broken redirection on login
- Front: Fixed broken error handling on settings and login form

About page:

There is a brand new about page on instances (/about), and instance
owner can now provide a name, a short and a long description for their instance via the admin (/api/admin/dynamic_preferences/globalpreferencemodel/).


Basic transcoding is now available to/from the following formats : ogg and mp3.

*This is still an alpha feature at the moment, please report any bug.*

This relies internally on FFMPEG and can put some load on your server.
It's definitely recommended you setup some caching for the transcoded files
at your webserver level. Check the the exemple nginx file at deploy/nginx.conf
for an implementation.

On the frontend, usage of transcoding should be transparent in the player.

Music Requests:

This release includes a new feature, music requests, which allows users
to request music they'd like to see imported.
Admins can browse those requests and mark them as completed when
an import is made.