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removes use of script for simpler direct installation

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......@@ -119,30 +119,19 @@ First, switch to the api directory:
cd api
A few OS packages are required in order to run Funkwhale. On Debian-like
systems, the list is available in ``api/requirements.apt`` or by running
``./ list`` and in ``api/requirements.pac`` on
.. note::
Ensure you are running the next commands as root or using sudo
(and not as the funkwhale) user.
You can install those packages all at once:
On Debian-like systems:
systems, they can be installed with
.. code-block:: shell
./ install
sudo apt install build-essential ffmpeg libjpeg-dev libmagic-dev libpq-dev postgresql-client python3-dev
On Arch Linux and its derivatives:
On Arch, run
.. code-block:: shell
pacman -S $(cat api/requirements.pac)
From now on you can switch back to the funkwhale user.
From now on, you should use the funkwhale user for all commands.
Python dependencies
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