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Version bump and changelog for 0.20

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New keyboard shortcuts added for enhanced control over audio player (#866)
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Fixed remaining transcoding issue with Subsonic API (#867)
Fixed broken URL to artist and album on album and track pages (#871)
Redesign of the landing and about pages (#872)
Numbers on the stats page will now be formatted in a human readable way and will update with the locale (#873)
Fixed broken embedded player layout after dependency update (#875)
Ensure API urls answer with and without a trailing slash (#877)
Added a info message on embed wizard when anonymous access to content is disabled (#878)
Admins can now add custom CSS from their pod settings (#879)
Hardened security thanks to CSP and additional HTTP headers (#880)
Prevent usage of too weak passwords (#883)
Content and account reports (#890)
Display placeholder on homepage when there are no playlists (#892)
Fixed empty contentType causing client crash in some Subsonic payloads (#893)
Artists with no albums will now show track count on artist card (#895)
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Fix regression to quota bar color (#897)
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Pickup folder.png and folder.jpg files for cover art when importing from CLI (#898)
Fixed search usability issue when browsing artists, albums, radios and playlists (#902)
Added field to manage user upload quota in Django backend (#903)
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Fixed a responsive display issues on 1024px wide screens (#904)
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