Commit 26006315 authored by Ciaran Ainsworth's avatar Ciaran Ainsworth
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Added variables to connect to Amazon S3 directly

parent 818d7834
......@@ -320,10 +320,11 @@ if AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID:
AWS_S3_ENDPOINT_URL = env("AWS_S3_ENDPOINT_URL", default=None)
AWS_S3_REGION_NAME = env("AWS_S3_REGION_NAME", default=None)
AWS_LOCATION = env("AWS_LOCATION", default="")
DEFAULT_FILE_STORAGE = "storages.backends.s3boto3.S3Boto3Storage"
# See:
STATICFILES_DIRS = (str(APPS_DIR.path("static")),)
Added env variable to set AWS region and signature version to serve media without proxy (#826)
......@@ -160,3 +160,12 @@ AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME=
# the full URL to the storage server. Example:
# If you want to serve media directly from your S3 bucket rather than through a proxy,
# set this to true
# If you are using Amazon S3 to serve media directly, you will need to specify your region
# name in order to access files. Example:
# AWS_S3_REGION_NAME=eu-west-2
......@@ -70,6 +70,11 @@ then issue a 302 redirect to the file URL in the bucket.
This URL is actually be visible by the client, but contains a signature valid only for one hour, to ensure
no one can reuse this URL or share it publicly to distribute unauthorized content.
.. note::
If you are using Amazon S3, you will need to set your ``AWS_S3_REGION_NAME`` in the ``.env`` file to
use this feature.
.. note::
Since some Subsonic clients don't support 302 redirections, Funkwhale will ignore
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