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0.2.7 (Unreleased)

- Shortcuts: can now use the ``f`` shortcut to toggle the currently playing track
  as a favorite (#53)
- Shortcuts: avoid collisions between shortcuts by using the exact modifier (#53)
- Player: Added looping controls and shortcuts (#52)
- Player: Added shuffling controls and shortcuts (#52)
- Favorites: can now modify the ordering of track list (#50)
- Library: can now search/reorder results on artist browsing view (#50)
- Upgraded celery to 4.1, added endpoint logic for fingerprinting audio files
- Fixed #56: invalidate tokens on password change, also added change password form
- Fixed #57: now refresh jwt token on page refresh
- removed ugly dividers in batch import list
- Fixed a few padding issues
- Now persist/restore queue/radio/player state automatically
- Removed old broken imports
- Now force tests paths
- Fixed #54: Now use pytest everywhere \o/
- Now use vuex to manage state for favorites
- Now use vuex to manage state for authentication
- Now use vuex to manage state for player/queue/radios