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Merge branch 's3-querystring-expire' into 'develop'

Add notes on AWS_QUERYSTRING_EXPIRE setting

See merge request funkwhale/funkwhale!918
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......@@ -171,3 +171,8 @@ AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME=
# name in order to access files. Example:
# AWS_S3_REGION_NAME=eu-west-2
# If you are using Amazon S3, use this setting to configure how long generated URLs should stay
# valid. The default value is 3600 (60 minutes). The maximum accepted value is 604800 (7 days)
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -169,3 +169,16 @@ and ``media-src`` headers and reload nginx.
.. code-block:: shell
add_header Content-Security-Policy "...img-src 'self' https://<your-s3-URL> data:; https://<your-s3-URL> 'self' data:";
Broken Images in Audio Player On Page Reload
If you are serving media directly from an S3-compatible store, you may find that images
in the queue and the player won't load after the page is refreshed. This happens if the
generated URL has expired and the authorization is no longer valid. You can extend the expiry time
using the following setting in your ``.env`` file:
.. code-block:: shell
# The default value is 3600 (60 mins). The maximum is 604800 (7 days)
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