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Update deps and add CI job to check outdated pkgs

parent b26481a5
...@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ stages: ...@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ stages:
- test - test
- build - build
- deploy - deploy
- deps
review_front: review_front:
interruptible: true interruptible: true
...@@ -292,6 +293,28 @@ build_api: ...@@ -292,6 +293,28 @@ build_api:
- master@funkwhale/funkwhale - master@funkwhale/funkwhale
- develop@funkwhale/funkwhale - develop@funkwhale/funkwhale
include: check_api_dependencies:
- template: Security/Secret-Detection.gitlab-ci.yml interruptible: true
- template: Security/SAST.gitlab-ci.yml stage: deps
image: funkwhale/funkwhale:develop
key: "$CI_PROJECT_ID__pip_cache"
DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE: config.settings.local
- branches
- apk add make git gcc python3-dev musl-dev
- apk add postgresql-dev py3-psycopg2 libldap libffi-dev make zlib-dev jpeg-dev openldap-dev
- cd api
- pip3 install -r requirements/base.txt
- pip3 install -r requirements/local.txt
- pip3 install -r requirements/test.txt
- $CI_PROJECT_DIR/scripts/
- docker
allow_failure: true
...@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ setuptools>=49 ...@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ setuptools>=49
django-environ~=0.4.0 django-environ~=0.4.0
# Images # Images
Pillow~=7.0.0 Pillow~=8.2.0
django-allauth~=0.42.0 django-allauth~=0.42.0
...@@ -16,21 +16,20 @@ pytz==2020.1 ...@@ -16,21 +16,20 @@ pytz==2020.1
# Redis support # Redis support
django-redis~=4.12.0 django-redis~=4.12.0
redis~=3.5.0 redis~=3.5.0
kombu~=4.6.0 kombu~=5.0.0
# Your custom requirements go here # Your custom requirements go here
django-cors-headers~=3.4.0 django-cors-headers~=3.7.0
musicbrainzngs~=0.7.1 musicbrainzngs~=0.7.1
djangorestframework~=3.11.0 djangorestframework~=3.12.2
arrow~=0.15.5 arrow~=1.1.0
persisting-theory~=0.2.0 persisting-theory~=0.2.0
django-versatileimagefield~=2.0.0 django-versatileimagefield~=2.0.0
django-filter~=2.3.0 django-filter~=2.4.0
django-rest-auth~=0.9.0 django-rest-auth~=0.9.0
ipython~=7.10.0 ipython~=7.22.0
mutagen~=1.45.0 mutagen~=1.45.0
pymemoize~=1.0.0 pymemoize~=1.0.0
...@@ -38,38 +37,38 @@ pymemoize~=1.0.0 ...@@ -38,38 +37,38 @@ pymemoize~=1.0.0
django-dynamic-preferences~=1.10 django-dynamic-preferences~=1.10
python-magic~=0.4.0 python-magic~=0.4.0
channels~=2.4.0 channels~=2.4.0
channels_redis~=3.0.0 channels_redis~=3.2.0
uvicorn[standard]~=0.12.0 uvicorn[standard]~=0.13.4
gunicorn~=20.0.0 gunicorn~=20.1.0
cryptography~=2.9.0 cryptography~=2.9.0
# requests-http-signature==0.0.3 # requests-http-signature==0.0.3
# clone until the branch is merged and released upstream # clone until the branch is merged and released upstream
git+ git+
django-cleanup~=5.0.0 django-cleanup~=5.2.0
requests~=2.25.1 requests~=2.25.1
pyOpenSSL~=19.1.0 pyOpenSSL~=19.1.0
# for LDAP authentication # for LDAP authentication
python-ldap~=3.3.0 python-ldap~=3.3.0
django-auth-ldap~=2.2.0 django-auth-ldap~=2.4.0
pydub~=0.24.0 pydub~=0.25.1
pyld~=1.0.0 pyld~=1.0.0
aiohttp~=3.7.4 aiohttp~=3.7.4
django-oauth-toolkit~=1.3.0 django-oauth-toolkit~=1.3.0
django-storages~=1.9.0 django-storages~=1.11.1
boto3~=1.14.0 boto3~=1.17.59
unicode-slugify~=0.1.0 unicode-slugify~=0.1.0
django-cacheops~=5.0.0 django-cacheops~=5.1.0
click~=7.1.0 click~=7.1.0
service_identity~=18.1.0 service_identity~=18.1.0
markdown~=3.2.0 markdown~=3.3.4
bleach~=3.1.0 bleach~=3.3.0
feedparser~=6.0.0 feedparser~=6.0.0
watchdog~=1.0.2 watchdog~=2.0.3
## Pin third party dependency to avoid issue with latest version ## Pin third party dependency to avoid issue with latest version
twisted==20.3.0 twisted==20.3.0
# Local development dependencies go here # Local development dependencies go here
coverage~=4.5.0 coverage~=5.5.0
django_coverage_plugin~=1.6.0 django_coverage_plugin~=1.8.0
factory_boy~=2.11.0 factory_boy~=2.11.0
# django-debug-toolbar that works with Django 1.5+ # django-debug-toolbar that works with Django 1.5+
django-debug-toolbar~=2.2.0 django-debug-toolbar~=3.2.1
# improved REPL # improved REPL
ipdb~=0.11.0 ipdb~=0.13.7
prompt_toolkit~=2.0.0 prompt_toolkit~=3.0.18
black==19.10b0 black~=21.4b1
#profiling #profiling
asynctest~=0.12.0 asynctest~=0.13.0
aioresponses~=0.7.2 aioresponses~=0.7.2
#line_profiler<3 #line_profiler<3
# #
# Test dependencies go here. # Test dependencies go here.
flake8~=3.8.0 flake8~=3.9.1
pytest~=6.0.0 pytest~=6.2.3
pytest-cov~=2.10.0 pytest-cov~=2.11.1
pytest-django~=3.9.0 pytest-django~=4.2.0
pytest-env~=0.6.0 pytest-env~=0.6.0
pytest-mock~=3.2.0 pytest-mock~=3.6.0
pytest-randomly~=3.4.0 pytest-randomly~=3.7.0
pytest-sugar~=0.9.0 pytest-sugar~=0.9.0
requests-mock~=1.8.0 requests-mock~=1.9.0
#pytest-profiling<1.4 faker~=8.1.1
outdated=$(pip list -o)
echo -n "$outdated"
return_code=$(echo -n "$outdated" | wc -l)
exit $return_code
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