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Create stable branch, master is now deprecated and will be removed in 1.3 (#1476)
Added email configuration to the documentation (#1481)
Fixed before last track starts playing when last track removed (#1485)
Add worker-src to nginx header to prevent issues (#1489)
Displays toast when subsonic password is copied (#1496)
fixed the all in one docker image building process, related to #1503
Reverts changes that break mobile browser playback (#1509)
Replace psycopg2-binary with psycopg2 (#1513)
Adds artist cover art in subsonic API response (#1528)
Add xmlns:content to feed schemas fixes #1535
Use global Howler volume instead of setting it separatly for each track (fixes #1542)
Store volume in logarithmic scale and convert when setting it to audio (fixes #1543)
Changed volume dynamic range from 60dB to 40dB (fixes #1544)
Fix showing too long radio descriptions (#1556)
Fixed delete account button is not disalbed when missing password (#1591)
ListenBrainz: Submit media player and submission client information
Fixed omputed properties already defined in components data (#1649)
Exposes more metadata in Subsonic's getAlbumList endpoint (#623)
Document location of cli env file on macOS (\!1354)
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