Verified Commit 869fc205 authored by Georg Krause's avatar Georg Krause
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Use the same help menu entry for mobile and desktop

parent 8328ce9c
......@@ -99,6 +99,16 @@
<div class="ui divider" />
<div class="row">
<i class="user-modal list-icon life ring outline icon" />
<span class="user-modal list-item">{{ }}</span>
<div class="row">
......@@ -186,6 +196,7 @@ export default {
support: this.$pgettext('Sidebar/*/Listitem.Link', 'Help'),
forum: this.$pgettext('Sidebar/*/Listitem.Link', 'Forum'),
docs: this.$pgettext('Sidebar/*/Listitem.Link', 'Documentation'),
help: this.$pgettext('Sidebar/*/Listitem.Link', 'Help'),
language: this.$pgettext(
'Sidebar/Settings/Dropdown.Label/Short, Verb',
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