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0.18.3 (2019-03-21)

Upgrade instructions are available at

Avoid mixed content when deploying mono-container behind proxy [Manual action required]

*You are only concerned if you use the mono-container docker deployment behind a reverse proxy*

Because of `an issue in our mono-container configuration <>`_, users deploying Funkwhale via docker
using our `funkwhale/all-in-one` image could face some mixed content warnings (and possibly other troubles)
when browsing the Web UI.

This is fixed in this release, but on existing deployments, you'll need to add ``NESTED_PROXY=1`` in your container
environment (either in your ``.env`` file, or via your container management tool), then recreate your funkwhale container.


- Added title on hover for truncated content (#766)
- Ask for confirmation before leaving upload page if there is a an upload in process (#630)
- Exclude in-place imported files from quota computation (#570)
- Truncate filename in library file table to ensure correct display of the table. (#735)


- Avoid mixed content when deploying mono-container behind HTTPS proxy (thetarkus/docker-funkwhale#19)
- Display new notifications immediatly on notifications page (#729)
- Ensure cover art from uploaded files is picked up properly on existing albums (#757)
- Fixed a crash when federating a track with unspecified position
- Fixed broken Activity and Actor modules in django admin (#767)
- Fixed broken sample apache configuration (#764)
- Fixed constant and unpredictable reordering during file upload (#716)
- Fixed delivering of local activities causing unintended side effects, such as rollbacking changes (#737)
- Fixed escaping issues in translated strings (#652)
- Fixed saving moderation policy when clicking on "Cancel" (#751)
- i18n: Update page title when changing the App's language. (#511)
- Include disc number in Subsonic responses (#765)
- Do not send notification when rejecting a follow on a local library (#743)


- Added documentation on mono-container docker upgrade (#713)
- Added documentation to set up let's encrypt certificate (#745)